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Merritt B. Curtis, (August 31, 1892 - May 16, 1966). Brigadier General, and lawyer who in 1960 ran for President of the United States in Washington with B. N. Miller and vice-president in Texas with Charles L. Sullivan under the Constitution Party banner. Curtis also ran for vice-president in Michigan with Lars Daly under the Tax Cut banner.

Merritt Barton Curtis was born in 1892 at San Bernardino, California, son of Israel Hamilton Curtis and Eliza Allen Mee. Graduate of the University of California, and George Washington University. He married Francis Claire Bracewell on Apr 23, 1917 at Riverside, California. He was in the Marine Corps as 2nd Lieutenant in 1917 and advanced to Brigadier General in 1944. Member of the bar in California.

The Constitution Party was described by Sara Diamond as the result of the "...racist Right's ill-fated efforts at forming a third party..."[1] In 1960 the party put-up retired Marine Corps Brigadier General Merritt B. Curtis for president, and B. N. Miller for vice-president in the state of Washington. Curtis received 1,401 votes for 0.11% of the Washington vote.[2] Curtis received 18,162 votes as a candidate for vice-president in Texas, and 1,767 votes in Michigan.

Curtis died in 1966 while a resident of Washington, D.C., and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


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