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The Mesabi Trail is a 132-mile paved bicycle trail running from Grand Rapids, Minnesota to Ely, Minnesota. As of 2008, the trail is still under construction with approximately 97 miles of trail complete. The trail goes through the many small towns along it, such as Marble, Keewatin, Hibbing, Mountain Iron, Virginia, and Gilbert. Much of the trail runs along abandoned railroad grade.

The Great River Mesabi Trail Ride

Since 2005, the Mesabi Trail has hosted a long bike ride every year in mid-August. Each stop (usually at a town or at intervals between towns) has fruit, water, granola, and other snacks. In Buhl, there is ice cream. The refreshments are free, as is the food at the ending destination, but there is a fee to ride in this event. To accommodate riders of different abilities, the ride includes multiple official starting points; while the full route may be 50 to 70 miles, intermediate starting places along the route may be as close as 8 or 10 miles from the end.

Year Start End Max Length
2005 Biwabik (Giant's Ridge Ski Resort) Chisholm (Ironworld Discovery Center) 50 miles
2006 Biwabik (Giant's Ridge Ski Resort) Hibbing (Bennet Park) 57 miles
2007 Marble Virginia (Olcott Park) 51 miles
2008 Marble Virginia (Olcott Park) 51 miles
2009 Grand Rapids (Itasca County Fairgrounds) Chisholm (Museum of Mining) 50 miles
2010 Biwabik (Giant's Ridge Ski Resort) Hibbing (Bennet Park) 50 miles
2011 Chisholm (Minnesota Discover Center) Grand Rapids (Itasca County Fairgrounds) 48 miles
2012 Grand Rapids (Itasca County Fairgrounds) Virginia (Olcott Park) 64 miles
2013  ?  ?  ?
2014 Fayal Township (Township Hall) Coleraine (Longyear Park) 69 miles

Historical signs

Along the Mesabi Trail there are signs that establish the history along it. Most of the signs notice certain areas as important to the Mesabi Range's early mining economy.

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