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Sir Michael Blount (c. 1530–1610) was a Tudor and Jacobean royal official and politician.


He was born in Mapledurham House, Oxfordshire to Sir Richard Blount (1505–1564; Lieutenant of the Tower 1558-1564)

He was High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire in 1576, then of Oxfordshire in 1586 and 1597. He was elected the Member of Parliament for Winchelsea in March 1553 and Marlborough in 1563.[1]

He succeeded Sir Owen Hopton of Cockfield Hall in Suffolk as Lieutenant of the Tower of London in 1590 and held the post for five years until 1595, in December of which year he was briefly imprisoned in the Tower himself.[1] He and his father are buried at St Peter ad Vincula in the Tower, with a fine monument.

Family life

He married Mary Moore (d 23 December 1592, sister of Thomas Moore of Bicester), and they had 11 children:[2]

  • Sir Richard Blount of Mapledurham (b 28 June 1564, d 22 November 1619)
  • Catherine Blount (b 11.04.1563) who married Sir John Croke, Speaker of the English House of Commons
  • Thomas (b 27 April 1567)
  • Charles (b 05.11.1568 - d.1600)
  • Henry (b 17 August 1572)
  • Robert (b 03.02.1573)
  • Maria (b 15 November 1565)
  • Elizabeth (dsp)
  • Anna (dsp)
  • Frances (b 23 February 1569)
  • Elizabeth (b 28 July 1574)


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