Michael Cavanaugh (Halo player)

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Michael Cavanaugh
StrongSide's Halo 2 Emblem
Status retired
Date of birth (1988-08-30) August 30, 1988 (age 34)
Hometown Edgewood, Kenton County, Kentucky
Nationality United States
League Major League Gaming
Games Halo 2
Halo 3
Nickname(s) StrongSide
Professional career
2005 Team Phreaks
2005 IGS
2005 Evil Geniuses
2005 Storm Ventures
2005 foXy Rapes
2005 Badtach
2006 Carbon
2007-2009 StK/Team3d/Final Boss
2009 Status Quo

Michael Cavanaugh (born August 30, 1988), also known by his gamertag StrongSide,[1] Cavanaugh has been a professional Major League Gaming Halo player since July 2005. Cavanaugh has been a member of Status Quo, Final Boss, Heaven and Earth, Legendz, Carbon, and Warriors in previous seasons, but is not currently a member of a team. He currently works for 343 Industries.

Cavanaugh finished second in MLG's 2006 1v1 Halo 2 competition. His 2006 4v4 team, Legendz, placed fourth overall in the 2006 championship tournament. On June 13, 2007 Cavanaugh was awarded a $250,000 league contract from MLG.[2] Cavanaugh grew up in Edgewood, Kentucky, United States.[3][4] StrongSide's Halo 2 emblem was a yellow Cobra on a blue background.[5][6][7]



Halo 3
Event 4v4 Team
Meadowlands 7th Status Quo
Columbus 7th Status Quo
Dallas 5th Final Boss
Anaheim 9th
Orlando 8th


Halo 3
Event 4v4 Team
Meadowlands 1st Final Boss
San Diego 7th
Orlando 5th
Toronto 3rd
Dallas 3rd
Las Vegas 4th


Halo 2
Event FFA 4v4 Team
Charlotte 5th 1st Final Boss
Meadowlands N/A 1st
Dallas N/A 2nd
Chicago 4th 1st
Orlando N/A 2nd
Las Vegas Championship N/A 1st
Toronto N/A 1st


Halo 2
Event FFA 4v4 Team
New York 7th 3rd Carbon
Dallas N/A 3rd
Anaheim 4th 2nd
Chicago N/A 3rd
Orlando 2nd 8th Legendz
NY Playoffs 2nd 5th
Las Vegas 2nd 4th


Halo 2
Event FFA 4v4 Team
Philadelphia N/A N/A N/A
Las Vegas 4th 9th Badtach
Nashville 9th 9th foXy Rapes
Seattle 2nd 2nd Storm Ventures
Los Angeles N/A 3rd Team EG
Atlanta 4th 5th
Chicago 1st 4th IGS
New York 2nd 2nd Team Phreaks


Cavanaugh's favorite game is Halo 3, with his favorite MLG gametype being CTF Pit. He uses Bumper Jumper controls, and a look sensitivity of four.[8] His other favorite video games include Guitar Hero and many of the old school systems like Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64 and Sega.

He and the other members of Final Boss were given Recon Armor from Bungie.


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