Michael Embrich

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Michael Embrich
Allegiance  United States of America
Service/branch Seal of the United States Department of the Navy.svg United States Navy
Years of service 2000 - 2004
Battles/wars Iraq War War in Afghanistan

Michael Embrich (born January 7, 1981) is an American Military Veteran of the Iraq War and War in Afghanistan.[1] Embrich is noted on a list of 200 key democrats in the State of New Jersey by PolitickerNJ.com.[2] Embrich is known for his work in lobbying in favor of reformed veterans affairs policies, particularly for the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008.[3][4] Embrich is listed as a spokesperson for TestPAC an Internet freedom political action committee that is best known for its current campaign to defeat incumbent U.S. Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX).[5] He contributed to the all-veteran authored book Post Traumatic Press 2007.[6][7] Embrich was a key member of congressman Dennis Kucinich's failed presidential campaign in 2008.[8][9] In 2007 Embrich was a delegate to The Conference of NGOs at the United Nations.[10] Embrich was a consultant for the film Stop-Loss (film) Recently, The Huffington Post and HowStuffWorks have listed Embrich as a contributing expert.[11][12][13] Embrich has appeared on the Fox News Channel,[14] The Rachel Maddow Show and many others[15][16][17]


Embrich is a graduate of Rutgers University[18][19][20]


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