Michigan Army National Guard

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Michigan Army National Guard
Seal of the Army National Guard
Active 1862 as State Militia
Country  United States
Allegiance  United States
Branch  United States Army
Army National Guard
Part of Michigan National Guard
Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Garrison/HQ Lansing, MI

The Michigan Army National Guard is the Army component of the Michigan National Guard and a reserve component of the United States Army.

During the Cold War only the 156th Signal Battalion was federalized on 1 October 1961 at its home stations in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. This marked the Michigan National Guard's last call to federal duty for service outside the state for almost 30 years.[1]

From February 2002, the 46th Engineer Group of the Michigan Army National Guard, had been reorganized and redesignated as the Engineer Brigade, 38th Infantry Division. Prior to the reorganization, the 46th Engineer Group consisted of a Group Headquarters and two battalions; the 107th Engineer Battalion and the 507th Engineer Battalion.[2]

Elements of the 107th Engineer Battalion and the 507th Engineer Battalions served with the 20th Engineer Brigade in Iraq from November 2004 to October 2005. These units also continued to serve in the US war in Afghanistan contributing combat engineer companies capable of Route Clearance patrols. In 2009 several soldiers of the 1431st Engineer Company were severely injured while in combat in east Afghanistan near the Khost-Gardez Pass. In 2012 a soldier of the 107th Engineer Battalion died in combat and several other were injured while conducting a route clearance patrol.[3]


Michigan Army National Guard units include:[4]

  • 177th Regional Training Institute - Augusta, MI
  • 126th Press Camp Headquarters - Augusta
  • Recruiting & Retention Battalion - Lansing, MI
    • 1208th Military Intelligence Platoon - Taylor, MI
  • 51st Civil Support Team - Augusta
  • State Medical Detachment - Detroit, MI
  • Detachment 15 Operational Support Airlift - Lansing
  • Fort Custer Training Center - Augusta
  • Joint Maneuver Training Center (JMTC) - Grayling, MI
  • 1208th Engineering Survey & Design Team - Lansing
  • 1999th AQ Detachment
  • 1146th Judge Advocate General Detachment - Lansing
  • Detachment 1, 505th Judge Advocate General - Lansing
  • 63rd Troop Command - Belmont, MI Organized in 2006 from the re-stationed 63rd Troop Command based at Jackson, Michigan; the 63rd Brigade in Wyoming assumed control of Michigan's Combat Arms Battalions on September 1. The units that make up the "Spartan" Brigade have individual unit history dating back to the American Civil War. The 63rd Brigade designation itself dates from the 63rd Brigade of the 32nd Infantry Division (United States), first formed during World War I.
  • 272nd Regional Support Group
    • 1225th Cmd Sustainment Support Battalion - Detroit
      • 1071st Maintenance Company - Grayling
      • 1072nd Maintenance Company - Detroit
      • 1073rd Maintenance Company - Greenville, MI
      • 464th Quartermaster Company – Lapeer, MI
    • 246th Transportation Battalion - Jackson, MI
      • 1460th Transportation Company - Midland, MI
      • 1461st Transportation Company - Jackson
        • Detachment 1 - Augusta
      • 1462nd Transportation Company - Howell, MI
      • 1463rd Transportation Company - Wyoming
    • 146th Multifunctional Medical Battalion - Ypsilanti
      • 1171st Medical Company - Ypsilanti
  • 3-238th General Support Aviation Battalion - Grand Ledge, MI
    • Detachment 1, Company B – Selfridge
    • Detachment 1, Company C - Grand Ledge
    • Company D - Grand Ledge
    • Company E - Grand Ledge
    • Company B, 1-112th Aviation - Grand Ledge
    • Detachment 1, 1-147th Aviation - Grand Ledge
    • Company B, 1-147th Aviation - Grand Ledge
    • Company C, 1-147th Aviation - Grand Ledge
    • Detachment 1, Company D, 1-147th Aviation - Grand Ledge
    • Detachment 1, Company E, 1-147th Aviation - Grand Ledge
    • Detachment 2, Company B, 351 Aviation Support - Grand Ledge
  • 46th Military Police Command - Lansing
  • 177th Military Police BrigadeTaylor, MI
    • 210th Military Police Battalion - Taylor
      • 1775th Military Police Company - Pontiac, MI
      • 1776th Military Police Company - Taylor
      • 144th Military Police Company - Corunna, MI
      • 46th Military Police Company - Cheboygan, MI
    • 777th Military Police Detachment - Taylor
    • 156th Expeditionary Signal Battalion
    • 631st Troop Command - Lansing
      • Company B, BSTB, 37th BCT - Lansing
      • 460th Chemical Company - Augusta
      • 126th Army Band – Wyoming
  • 107th Engineer Battalion - Ishpeming, MI
  • 507th Engineer Battalion - Kalamazoo
    • 1433rd Engineer Company (SAPPER) - Augusta
    • 1434th Engineer Company - Grayling
      • Detachment 1 - Augusta
    • 1436th Engineer Company - Montague, MI
      • 1440th Engineer Detachment - Grayling
      • 1439th Engineer Detachment - Grayling
      • 1442nd Engineer Detachment - Grayling
    • 745th Explosive Ordnance Disposal - Grayling

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