Mid and East Lothian Miners' Association

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The Mid and East Lothian Miners' Association (MELMA) was a trade union representing coal miners in parts of the Lothian area of Scotland.

The union described itself as having been founded in 1873 under the leadership of David Moffat,[1] but it was wound up the following year following an unsuccessful strike,[2] Moffat having to relocate to Fife due to victimisation.[3]

The union was re-established in 1887 by George Young and Robert Brown.[2] It registered in 1889, by which time it had a membership of about 2,000 workers.[1] In 1894, it was a founder constituent of the Scottish Miners' Federation,[4] and it played a leading role in that year's strike of miners in Scotland.[2] Other major strikes took place in 1912 and 1921.[2]

In 1945, the association was merged with other unions to form the Stirling and Lothians Area of the National Union of Mineworkers.[5]

General Secretaries

1890: Robert Brown
1917: Joseph Young
1919: Andrew Clarke
1940: Alexander Cameron


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