Mihaela Mitrache

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Mihaela Mitrache

Mihaela Mitrache (aka Mihaela Mitraki; July 8, 1955, Bucharest - February 18, 2008) was a Romanian movie and theatre actress. She graduated from Bucharest Movie and Theatre Institute in 1978, where she was a student in actor Marin Moraru's class.



National Theatre Bucharest
  • Merula - The Queue by Paul Everac, directed by Paul Everac, 2004
  • Victoria - Murder for land adapted from Dinu Săraru, prepared for stage and directed by Grigore Gonta, 2002
  • Fanelly - Trifles at Union adapted from I.L. Caragiale, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2002
  • The Auberge lady - Man of la Mancha by Dale Wasserman, directed by Ion Cojar, 2001
  • Felicia - Generation of sacrifice by I. Valjan, directed by Dinu Cernescu, 1999
  • Pina - The good and righteous Satan by Tudor Popescu, directed by Gelu Colceag and Puiu Stefan, 1998
  • Chiralina - The Ghost adapted from Panait Istrati, directed by Dan Micu, 1998
Ion Creanga Theatre - Bucharest
  • Vidra - Razvan and Vidra by Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu
  • Jurjea - Bogdan Dragos by Mihai Eminescu
  • Oana - Terra II by Tudor Popescu
  • Magda - A youngster among youngsters by Mihai Constantinescu
  • Mrs. Murdstone - David Copperfield adapted from Charles Dickens
  • Henriette - Romance people by Edmond Rostand
  • Janine - What an unheard mess by Eugène Ionesco
  • Corcodusa - Ţiganiada (The gypsies) adapted from Ion Budai Deleanu
  • Martafita - Goofi's country by Matei Visniec
  • The girlfriend - The Dragon by Evgheni Svartz
Alexandru Davila Theatre - Pitesti
  • Magda - Capital city stories by Tudor Musatescu
  • Julieta - Measure for measure by William Shakespeare
  • Neda - Trimalchio feast by Cristian Munteanu
  • Miza - Titanic waltz by Tudor Musatescu
  • Henrietta - The nacked king by Evgheni Svartz
  • Magda Minu - Last hour by Mihail Sebastian
  • Mitza Baston - Of the carnival by I.L. Caragiale
  • Dora - The French teacher by Tudor Musatescu
  • Beatrice Rasponi - The servant of two masters by Carlo Goldoni
  • Honey - Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee
  • Sofica - The computer and the wine by Paul Everac
  • Margareta - The jays (slang for Jay) by Alexandru Kiritescu
  • Florica - About phantoms de Ion Baiesu
  • Leria - Meeting again by Gheorghe Dumbravescu
  • Zamfirita - The jays (slang for Jay) by Alexandru Kiritescu, directed by Lia Niculescu - debut


File:Young Mihaela.JPG
Mihaela Mitrache from the 1970s

Romanian movies

  • Filantropica, directed by Nae Caranfil, 2002
  • The trip, directed by Mircea Moldovan
  • Balanţa (The scales), directed by Lucian Pintilie, 1992
  • The death of an artist, directed by Horea Popescu, 1989
  • The fagus forest, directed by Cristina Nichitus, 1986
  • Too young for wrinkles, directed by Aurel Miheles, 1982

Romanian-Israeli coproductions

  • Time of loneliness, directed by Peter Vogel
  • Baby-sitter, directed by Ali Nasser
  • Milky way, directed by Ali Nasser


  • Don Juan or the Love of Geometry by Max Friesh, directed by Eugen Todoran

Nominations and awards

  • National award for best female act: Honey - Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf at Studio Theatres Festival, Oradea
  • Nomination for best female act, Jerusalem Movie Festival: Milky way, 1997

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