Mikael Stanne

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Mikael Stanne
File:Dark Tranquillity 121007 05.jpg
Background information
Born (1974-05-20) 20 May 1974 (age 44)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Origin Gothenburg, Sweden
Years active 1989–present
Labels Century Media, Osmose Productions, Spinefarm

Bengt Mikael Stanne[1] (born 20 May 1974) is the vocalist & one of the lyricists (also previously rhythm guitarist) for the Swedish melodic death metal band, Dark Tranquillity and the ex-vocalist for Swedish power metal band HammerFall.


Dark Tranquillity

Stanne along with Niklas Sundin formed Dark Tranquillity because they were bored, along with interest in metal from their influences. He played guitar on Dark Tranquillity's first album, Skydancer, as well as on their early demos, including Enfeebled Earth released under the name Septic Broiler. In 1994, Anders Fridén, Dark Tranquillity's original vocalist left the band to join In Flames. Stanne then became the new vocalist and discontinued playing guitar.

In addition to his usual growling vocals, Dark Tranquillity's 1999 album, Projector showcased his operatic "clean" singing abilities. After Projector, however, the clean style was mostly abandoned until the release of Fiction in 2007.

Other projects

Stanne was the original vocalist for HammerFall from 1993 until 1996, after which he was replaced because he couldn't perform with HammerFall due to his commitment to Dark Tranquillity.

Guest appearances

Stanne was a session vocalist for the Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames during their early career. He provided the lead vocals for In Flames' debut album Lunar Strain in 1993. Contrary to popular belief, Stanne was never an official member of In Flames; he did the session vocals as a "favor" to In Flames, who did not have a vocalist at the time.

In 2005, Stanne provided a clean vocal passage on the Nightrage song "Frozen," alongside At the Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg on their album Descent into Chaos.[2]

In 2008, Stanne did guest vocals in the band Scar of the Sun, for one track only, which is named Ode To a Failure.

In 2010 Stanne guested on Solution .45's debut album by contributing the lyrics for most of the tracks and providing vocals on the tracks "Bladed Vaults" and "On Embered Fields Adust."

In 2010, Stanne provided vocals in the song Weather The Storm by Insomnium.

In 2010, Nightrage released the song Gallant Deeds, an unreleased track recorded by Stanne from the Descent into Chaos sessions. It is now available on the Nightrage re-issue Vengeance Descending.

In 2011, Stanne appeared on the track Wastelands Within by Mourning Caress, for their album Deep Wounds, Bright Scars.

In 2012, Stanne appeared on the track Skin Changer by Helcaraxë for their album Red Dragon.


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