Miles de Angulo

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Miles de Angulo, aka Miles Bregach Mac Goisdelbh, Anglo-Irish knight and baron, fl. 1245–1259.

Son of Phillip fitz William de Angulo. Called by the Irish 'Mac Goisdelbh' (i.e., the son of Jocelyn). Walter de Lacy gave a grant of Conmaicne to the Lord of Navan and Miles fought for him there. He built Athachip castle in 1245, but was driven out in 1247. He later became the lord of Sliabh Lugha in Castlemore, in what would later be called the barony of Costello.

Miles was married to a daughter of Hugh de Lacy, 1st Earl of Ulster; upon her death, she was buried at Boyle Abbey, Roscommon. Miles died in 1259. He had sons Hugh (died 1260?), Gilbert Mor and Phillip (died 1288).


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