Military Police (Republic of Korea)

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File:Korean DMZ Soldier Arm Band.jpg
Republic of Korea Military Police arm band
JSA South Korea military police

The Republic of Korea Military Police ((MP), in Korean: 헌병, "Heon-byeong"), are the uniformed law enforcement agencies of each respective branch of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. ROK Army MPs also function as a border guards at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

DMZ Border Guards

All ROK troops guarding and patrolling inside the DMZ are officially MPs, although their equipment is that of elite ROK-army units (such as body-armor/combat vests, Night-vision equipment, optical sights for the Daewoo K2, etc.). The reason why these soldiers are MPs is because the armistice that was signed in 1953 that ended the Korean War requires both sides (the North and the South) to restrict access inside the DMZ to MPs only, which means no vehicles, no squad-served weapons (such as mortars and HMGs) and no regular units of the army.


The ROK MP has the following small-arms in their inventory:

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