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A mind is the set of cognitive faculties that enables memory, consciousness, perception, thinking and judgement.

The term mind may also refer to:

  • Mind, as a translation of Greek Nous or Latin intellectus, a concept in philosophy
  • "mind", a verb meaning looking after or being bothered
  • MIND High School, a high school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • MIND Institute, a neuroscience research facility at the University of California, Davis
  • Mind map, diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, etc.
  • Mind (charity), a mental health charity based in the United Kingdom
  • Mind (journal), the British journal of analytic philosophy
  • Microsoft Internet Developer (MIND) magazine by Microsoft
  • MINDS, a welfare organisation for the mentally disabled in Singapore
  • Minds, an encrypted start-up social media platform backed by Anonymous
  • Mind (The Culture), self-conscious, hyperintelligent machines in the novels of Iain M. Banks
  • MiND: Media Independence, an Internet television service
  • "Mind", a song by Talking Heads from their album Fear of Music
  • "Mind", a song by System of a Down
  • Minds (comics), the fourth book in the Mothers and Daughters graphic by Dave Sim, and the 11th collected Cerebus the Aardvark volume
  • Gottfried Mind, a Swiss artist known as the Cat-Raphael
  • Mind games, a form of covert psychological influence

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