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Miranda Green is a British journalist, the former Press Secretary to then Liberal Democrats party leader Paddy Ashdown.[1]

She went to Westminster School before university. After graduation, she worked as a business journalist for two years, including a traineeship at EuroWeek magazine. She then joined the Liberal Democrats in their press team, becoming in 1997 press secretary and advisor to then leader Paddy Ashdown.[1]

After Ashdown stepped down as leader in August 1999, Green joined the BBC for a short time to work on On The Record with John Humphrys, then became a journalist and columnist at the Financial Times. Employed first on the home news desk, she was then deputy world news editor, then the paper's education correspondent, and finally political correspondent.[1][2]

After giving birth to her first child in 2009, she has since been freelance, working for: The Times, The Observer, The Sunday Times and Intelligent Life. She has also appeared as a pundit and commentator on BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight, BBC World Service Newshour; BBC1 The Politics Show and This Week; BBC Radio 5Live, LBC and BSkyB.[1] She has also appeared on Newsnight.

Green has been editor at The Day since it was founded at the beginning of 2011 by Richard Addis.[3]


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