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Miss Golden Globe (also Mr. Golden Globe) is an annual title awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

In the first year, two awards were given to up and coming starlets as a standalone award: one each for television and feature film.[citation needed]

Later,[citation needed] the honouree has traditionally been a show business celebrity's daughter, son, and occasionally both—though a number of these familial selections continued to be up-and-coming starlets in their own rights: Anne Archer (1971), Melanie Griffith (1975), Dakota Johnson (2006). These honourees assist in the Association's annual Golden Globe Awards presentations.[1]

Year Name Parents Age
1963 Eva Six   26
Donna Douglas   30
1964 Linda Evans   22
1967 Corinna Tsopei   23
1969 Francoise Ruggieri    
1971 Anne Archer John Archer and Marjorie Lord 24
1972 Pamela Powell Dick Powell and June Allyson 24
1973 Kelley Miles Bob Miles and Vera Miles 21
1974 Linda Meiklejohn William W Meiklejohn and Charlotte Jeter 33
1975 Melanie Griffith Peter Griffith and Tippi Hedren 18
1976 Lisa Farringer    
1977 Nicole Ericson John Ericson and Milly Coury  
1978 Elizabeth Stack Robert Stack and Rosemarie Bowe 22
1979 Stephanie Haymes    
1980 Kym Karath   22
1981 Rosanne Katon   27
1982 Laura Dern Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd 15
1983 Lori Leonelli    
Rhonda Shear   29
1984 Anita Finch    
1985 Lisabeth Shatner William Shatner and Gloria Rand 24
1986 Calista Carradine David Carradine and Donna Lee Becht 24
1987 Candace Savalas Telly Savalas and Marilyn Gardner 24
1988 Gigi Garner James Garner and Lois Garner 30
1989 Kyle Aletter Frank Aletter and Lee Meriweather 29
1990 Katharine Kramer Stanley Kramer and Karen Sharpe-Kramer  
1991 Kaitlin Hopkins Gene Persson and Shirley Knight 27
1992 Joely Fisher Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens 25
1993 Erin Hamilton Joe Hamilton and Carol Burnett 25
1994 Alexandrea Martin Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg 21
1995 John Clark Gable Clark Gable and Kay Williams Gable 34
1996 Jaime Nicole Dudney Ken Dudney and Barbara Mandrell 20
Freddie Prinze, Jr. Freddie Prinze and Kathy Elaine Cochran 20
1997 Kehly Sloane Ed Thrasher and Linda Gray 31
1998 Clementine Ford David Ford and Cybill Shepherd 19
1999 Tori Reid Tim Reid and Rita Reid 28
2000 Liza Huber Helmut Huber and Susan Lucci 25
2001 Katie Flynn David Flynn and Jane Seymour 19
2002 Haley Giraldo Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar 17
2003 Dominik Garcia-Lorido Andy García and María Victoria Lorido 20
AJ Lamas Lorenzo Lamas and Michele Smith 20
2004 Lily Costner Kevin Costner and Cindy Costner 18
2005 Kathryn Eastwood Clint Eastwood and Jacelyn Reeves 17
2006 Dakota Johnson Don Johnson and 1975 Miss Golden Globe Melanie Griffith 17
2007 Lorraine Nicholson Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard 17
2008 (note: the traditional awards ceremony did not take place due to WGA strike)
2009 Rumer Willis Bruce Willis and Demi Moore 20
2010 Mavis Spencer Roderick Spencer and Alfre Woodard  
2011 Gia Mantegna Joe Mantegna and Arlene Mantegna 20
2012 Rainey Qualley Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell 22
2013 Francesca Eastwood Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher (and half sister of 2005 Miss Golden Globe) 19
Sam Michael Fox Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan 23
2014 Sosie Bacon Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick 21
2015 Greer Grammer Kelsey Grammer and Barrie Buckner 22
2016 Corinne Foxx Jamie Foxx 21


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