Channel 9 MCOT HD

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Channel 9 MCOT HD
Huai Khwang, Bangkok
City of license Bangkok, Thailand
  • เปิดโลกกว้าง สร้างความสุข
    (Discover happiness)
Channels Analog: 9 (VHF)
Digital: 30 (MUX3/UHF40 - Bangkok)
Affiliations MCOT PCL (MCOT)
First air date June 24, 1955
Call letters' meaning Channel 9
(Thai: ช่อง ๙)
Sister station(s) Thaitv3
Thai PBS
MCOT World
Former callsigns
  • Thai Television Channel 4
    (1952 - 1974)
  • Thai Color Television Channel 9
    (1970 - 1983)
  • Thai Color Television Channel 9 M.C.O.T.
    (1984 - November 6, 2002)
  • Modernine TV
    (November 6, 2002 - September 9, 2015)
    (September 9, 2015 - Present)
Former channel number(s)
  • 9 (analog)
    (1970 - Present)
  • 30 (digital)
    (2014 - Present)

Channel 9 MCOT HD (Thai: ช่อง 9 เอ็มคอตเอชดี) is the first terrestrial television of Thailand, owning by MCOT Public Company Limited. Began broadcasting the inauguration on June 24, 1955 by black and white TV system on VHF's channel 4, later it was simulcasted test run in Colour TV system on VHF's Channel 9 since 1970 and black out from older TV system in 1974. MCOT PCL and The TV station are regulate by The Minister for Office of Thai Prime Minister (OPM) and The Permanent Secretary for OPM (Mom Luang Panadda Disakula in present), Company's President is Dhewindra Wongwanich and Managing Director is Siwaporn Chomsuwan.


Thai Television Channel 4

Thai Television Channel 4 is the first TV station in Thailand. Operation under the management of the Thai Television Company Limited. Incorporated on November 10, 1952, the name referred to the International Convention on the HS1-TV television that has a post office located at statistics. Office of the Bank of Thailand. As the name of the station. Is known Thai Television Channel 4 Bang Khun Phrom

Thailand TV Channel 4 TV station has been started since 2492, when Mr. Sapphasiri Wiriyasari which at the time was an official public relations department. Writing in the book. Published a new technology at that time. The article title says "visual radio" to this group of government officials, the public relations department. Which is assigned by the Department. To study the Television in United Kingdom, About the year 1949-1950 after returning to Thailand. Commenting on the government 's The establishment of the business of television "Time Television Thailand should have" Chom Phon Plaek Phibunsongkhram Prime Minister at that time. It instructed the Department to publicize the project " Establishment of radio picture " for the year 1950 by the Cabinet meeting resolved to establish. Radio stations calling And set up a budget for the following year (1951) but was not successful initially. Had to abandon the project by default. Since the majority Of MPs Both the government and the opposition do not agree because that wasteful budget. To waste

The President Mr. Prasit Thawisin lightning radio transmitter and calling the shots call the shots limited to one machine and 4 machine weighs more than 2 tons of trial broadcast. Visitors to the Cabinet for the first time at Government House on July 19, 1952, and was opened for public viewing. Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok

Later in the month, from September to November. This same year (1952) the Ministers and the public relations department, which consists of 7 people. Luang Saranuprapan, ML Khap Koonchorn, Mr. Prasong Hongsanan, Phao Sriyanond, Mr. Lek Sanguanchatsornkrai, Mr. Muni Mahasanthana Wetchayanrangsit and Mr. Luen Phongsophon sees the value of the development. country With the media calling Distributed to publish Information, knowledge, and build quality. Domestic public therefore funding from the Public Relations Department A major shareholder of 11 million baht and the government holds another 8 of 9 million baht to 20 million baht in total to be financed jointly established the "Thai Television Company Limited" to operate a television. For the first time in

Thai Television Company Limited is the operator of the earliest, Mr. Chamnong Rangsikoon was the chief producer, Mr. Amporn Photchanaphisoot was the chief director of photography, Mr. Somchai Malacharoen as chief cameraman, Mr. Thana Nakkhaphan is headed. control the broadcast, Mr. Kriangkrai (Sanan) Chiwapricha is Head transmitters, Mr. Thamrong Worasoot and Mr. Fu Chomchuen as head of the transmitter and antenna, Mr. Chan Tanthakosai as chief director. sound, Mr. Sapphasiri Wiriyasiri is both simple RY chief photographer and lighting. And Raksak Watthanaphanit was head of television services.

Thai Television Company Limited established TTV radio station (Thai: สถานีวิทยุกระจายเสียง ท.ท.ท.) prior to a television station. To raise funds for administration Personnel and training Including preparation along with the other side. The broadcast of the station building. The Lilat On September 6, 1954 at the groundbreaking ceremony. Thai Television Channel 4 building, a tribal police Phao Sriyanon Thai Television Inc. President (Chief of Police at the time), presided over the trial began broadcasting. From the studio of the radio station TTV on the building. Fitted with transmitters Finished Thus opening ceremony Thai Television Channel 4 on Friday, June 24, 1955, which corresponds to the day of that period, with Chom Phon Plaek Phibunsongkhram Prime Minister at that time. Presided over by Mr. Chamnong Rangsikoon as president and director of the station's first using a 10 kW broadcasting mono system 525 lines per picture 30 frames per second at the beginning there. Broadcast every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 6:30 to 11:00 pm the next day and then add airtime.

Broadcast Music launch Of both Thai Television Channel 4 television station and a TTV radio station of Thailand Television Inc. is the song "the Foreign country" (Thai: ต้นบรเทศ) (Which is currently the music. "Ton Worachet") aired on Miss Ari Nakdontri, dance companies announced live tilapia. And Miss Yenchit Sammaphan a notification list. The announcement in early A Lady Miss Yenchit Sammapham (now Mrs. Yenchit Raphiphat @ Ayudhya), Miss Ari Nakdontri (now Mrs. Ari Chankasem), Miss Daret Satachan, Miss Nuanlaor Thongnuedi (now Nuanlaor Sawettasophon), Miss Chana Satraphai and Miss Praphaiphat Nirattaphan. Be a gentleman, Mr. Sapphasiri Wiriyasiri, Mr. Akhom Mokaranon, Mr. Somchai Malacharoen and Mr. Banchop Chanthimangkoon.

The Government of Thailand those Thai Television Channel 4 used to broadcast the speeches of the Prime Minister, the government published, broadcast parliamentary sessions. The televised celebrations 25th century in the year 2500 (1957), but only once. As a result, the Army Chom Phon Sarit Thanarat Army Commander at that time. Command to set up a TV station is Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 7 (White - Black (or present. Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 5)) in the year 1957-1958.

Thai Color Television Channel 9

As of early June 1974 Thai Television Co., Ltd. Cease broadcasting in black and white 525 lines by moving a Channel 4 television transmission. To the district headquarters building Phra Sumen, Bang Lam Pu. Because the year 1959, Bank of Thailand Has purchased the buildings of Thai Television Channel 4 and all the buildings of the statistics by the exchange "Manangkasila House". The price of 39 million baht.

And in the same year. Change the channel and broadcasting of black-and-white images in VHF Channel 4 to color in VHF at 625 lines with Channel 9 fully renamed. Thailand TV Channel 9 (English: Thai Television Channel 9), and started official broadcasting in approximately 1974.

Thai Color Television Channel 9 (MCOT)

On February 3, 1977, the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Thanin Kraiwichian a resolution to dissolve the Thai Television Company Limited, Results of operations. Thai Color Television Channel 9 station ended with the later of March 26, 1977, a decree established Communication Organization of Thailand BE 2520 (1977) by the establishment of a name. The Mass Communication Organization of Thailand (Symbol: MCOT ; อ.ส.ม.ท./อสมท) is a state enterprise under the Prime Minister. The objective To the state -run media With flexibility Efficient, accurate, fast and reliable delivery to the public by the Government of Thailand to the initial capital of 10 million baht, and the acquisition of LTD Thailand television journalism. consisting of T.t.t. radio station and television station Channel 9 Thailand operations continued. Since April 9, 1977, the date of establishment of MCOT made for television changed its name to Thai Color Television Channel 9 (MCOT) automatically.

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and His Majesty graciously binds and officially opened the MCOT buildings on an area of 14 acres with a television transmission, the largest in the country at that time, at 9:25 am on Sunday June 28, 1981. Later, during the year 1985 to 1989, Dr.Somkiat Onwimon, Faculty of Political Science. University Knowledge is Light and host at that time. Invitation of the then director of MCOT. To help improve the presentation 9 MCOT news Pacific Corporation Limited, together with its result in the anchor. The most famous of the era is Dr. Somkiat and Miss Kannika Thammakesorn (Monday to Friday by Dr. Somkiat read in conjunction with Arunrot Liamthong on Saturday and Sunday).

On July 16, 1987, Thai Television Channel 3 and Thai Television Channel 9 (MCOT) signed a contract with MCOT to expand the network television business. The Authority and government agencies sent spectrum allocations to the VHS system and broadcast equipment to establish a television station in the direction of the transmitter. MCOT each (The latter, it extends to UHF) from June 1988 - July 1991 for a period of three years to make a television station in the direction of the A.s.m.. Both can be broadcast throughout the country.

As of 1992, Mr.Sangchai Sunthornwat took over the position of director of MCOT. When MCOT was called "The Twilight Zone" due to group influence and dark Embedded in the organization, but he can eliminate the influence of light darkness as it prevails. Those achieved can be developed, including MCOT as well, but he was assassinated by the Aberdeen firearms. Died during a car ride Back home At Muang Thong Thani Chaengwattana results of the police investigation indicated that Mrs. Ubon Boonyachalothorn former concession items. MCOT Radio Authority hired Mr. Tawi Buddha-Chan sent gunmen to assassinate his son finish the game later she was assassinated. Died in the car Back to home As well as the Mr. Sangchai

Modernine TV

With the intention of Mr.Mingkhwan Sangsuwan MCOT director at that time. To improve the administration of Thai Color Television Channel 9 (MCOT) Thailand have been made in delivering a fast and responsive. Report news, knowledge and entertainment. In order to keep pace with technology in the era of globalization. And to eliminate the "Twilight Zone" within the organization.

On November 6, 2002, thus launching ceremony. Modernine TV station with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra presided over the ceremony. The change includes a change in the logo of the station. And improve the presentation format A 24-hour news station hourly news. And ran the news (News Bar) to the TV evening news magazine on the news. And knowledge of the issues and presentation style. Using presentations magazine. Including Announces Relationship And increasing the role Worldwide network of leading news stations began broadcasting in the new format from 6.30 pm onwards, but despite the name change, but the station. most people, Thailand It is also popularly called the station at Channel 9 (Thai: ช่อง 9) as the original.

Modernine TV. Television production operations TV broadcast As well as control the broadcast The broadcast from Bangkok Station to network 32 stations in the region can provide. Covering 79.5 percent of the population in scope to the broadcast. Not less than 96.5 per cent of the country by a list of news, knowledge, entertainment, sport and dedications. Including different LIVE This is a list of news And knowledge in various fields to offer during prime time. The Most Viewed So the audience The information and knowledge useful. Equally And look forward to It is an alternative to the people.

Significant events at the station Involved in the coup d'état on September 19, 2549 at 10.15 pm when Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra declared a state of emergency. Bangkok area Through a mobile phone from the U.S. Live Modernine TV. But the statement was only three copies. It have a group of soldiers with weapons. Invasion into the station And issued an order to stop broadcasting immediately.

Mr.Chakkraphan Yomchinda Vice President as Acting President of the MCOT news agency reported improvement television news Thailand. How to use technology Video Wall Size Length 20 meters wide and 3 meters, with reports at various times. And will use helicopters in coverage for the first time. Name to the "Bird's Eye News" as well as to provide a survey of the audience. By the name of "MCOT Poll" will also be updated logo. Bureau of Thailand up The modern And on a more global It began operation in opportunity. Change to Modernine TV every 10 years on the anniversary date of establishment of MCOT on April 25, 2012.

Channel 9 MCOT HD

since April 2014, MCOT use the name "MCOT HD" for itself Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Channel 30 in the 3rd of 5 UHF Multiplexer (MUX) and simulcasting from analogue broadcasting in VHF channel 9 which still named "Modernine TV", until September 9, 2015 MCOT changed name for analogue and digital broadcasting to same as "Channel 9 MCOT HD" and changed its identity to new only one.



Channel 4 use same logo with its own company, "Witchu Prapha Dhewi" (Thai: วิชชุประภาเทวี) refers to woman angels of thunder or bolt, adorned with clouds and lightning within a circle, designed by the Fine Arts Department of the Ministry of Education (at that time).


When Thai Thorathat changed to broadcast on VHF Channel 9, they changed its own logo at the same time, ithe round curve which is shaped like a television screen (black-and-white border), and in it 4 sections inside, the far right is yellow circle with number 9 in black at center of this section. The next 3 sections are divided by a curve of spread spectrum signal to the left, each section are the primary colors of light (red, green and blue).


After short time from major change, Channel 9 has minor change their logo to the round curve which shape like television screen (with black and yellow border). It's divided to 3 sections by curve of spread spectrum signal to the left, each section are primary colors of light (red green and blue), and placed Number 9 in black with white border on center top of overall. Since 1977 their placed Thai letters "อ.ส.ม.ท." which are abbreviation of MCOT under this logo.

The letter อ.ส.ม.ท. that during the years 1984 - 1999 will be the acronym อ.ส.ม.ท. pink later in the year 1999 - 2000 has changed the color of abbreviations อ.ส.ม.ท. are white and smaller. Length of logo Before you change the font อ.ส.ม.ท. white in the middle of 2000 and has increased the domain of the station. ( above badge (In the upper right) and the initials อ.ส.ม.ท. (in the lower right corner), sort the letters identities and domain respectively, as well as identity. Thailand's Channel 3 television station and remove the black borders off. The positioning of identity in the years 1984 - December 1997, is located at the bottom right of the screen. In January 1998 - 2002 was moved to the top right corner of the screen.


In same time to change their name to Modernine TV, they launch a new logo in 2002. The left part is a circular gray lines intersect itself like latitude and longitude, the right part is a purple figure which hidden number 9 and the upper part is gray curve. The overall appearance of the eye, under this logo placed Thai letters "อสมท" in orange with gray border. (later changed to English letters "MCOT" in 2013)

The clock of the station at the top left corner of the TV screen during the years 2002 - 2010 using the Arial bold white with black shadow later in 2011 - September 2012 using the Arial bold white intact. But the transition to a larger size. The thick black Later in October 2012, the DB PatPong X fonts with white letters with black shadow (Most are usually thin black shadow. On some days, a thick shadow. Some days no shadow at all) later in June 2014 a letter Amplifier (DB PatPong X Extened) it will be used in the field "MCOT HD". With the clock will start at 5:00 am until 8:00 am from Monday to Friday, and Saturday to Sunday will start at 5:00 am until 9:00 am.


Channel 9 MCOT HD is All New Logo (except alphabet MCOT or อสมท directed The lower part )by The differences Important is lead The upper curve But just like orb circle, reducing the three dimensions into 2D, change the charcoal at the bottom left corner. A new model with thin lines, set lines into all the light purple. And a white background For named channel MCOT HD Transition to the new font By Color Into two parts MCOT is Light Purple (as well as the identity) and HD is gray Overall picture is opaque. The identity of such Plc. MCOT apply to broadcasts by parallel. All analog channel 9 and digital channel 30.

Opening and closing times


Modernine TV is a 24-hour television station, but still starts up 5–10 minutes before the Buddha's quotes. The royal anthem was played, followed by the Buddha's quotes. The first programme of the day follows thereafter.


News (Provide By TNA)

  • Khao Kam (National news, is the main news bulletin)
  • Khao Tiang (National news, is the midday news bulletin)
  • Kui Kamong Bai Sam Mong (Thai:คุยโขมงบ่ายสามโมง) (Afternoon News Talk Program)
  • Kui Kamong Khao Chao (Thai:คุยขโมงข่าวเช้า) (Breakfast News Program)
  • Kub Khao Krob Praden (Thai:คับข่าวครบประเด็น) (Nightly News Talk Program)
  • Rob Wan Khao (Thai:รอบวันข่าว) (Late Night News)
  • Koo Khao Sao Arthit (Thai:คู่ข่าวเสาร์อาทิตย์) (Weekend Midday News)
  • 9 Speed (Thai:ไนน์สปีด) (Hourly News Bulletin)
  • Khao Dang Kham Wela (Thai:ข่าวดังข้ามเวลา) (Time Line;Television News magazine)

Teenage Series

  • Love Sick The Series (Season 1: 6 July 2014 - 21 September 2014, Season 2.1: 2 May 2015 - 12 July 2015, Seson 2.2: 23 August 2015 - 10 October 2015)
  • Grean House (Continue form Thai Movie:Grean Fictions) (5 October 2014 - 4 January 2015)
  • Part of Love (11 Oct 2015 - Now) (The character dress is similar to Hormones The Series)

Talkshows (Live Television Broadcasting)

Special (Live Television Broadcasting)

Sports (Live Television Broadcasting)


Modernine TV is available on channel 9 (VHF) and transmitter location is Baiyoke Tower II in Bangkok, Thailand.

Clock idents

At first Modernine TV had used the clock tower in Bangkok as the clock ident. In 1987, MCOT introduced a new clock design - very simple: colour background, white hands, white lines, white logo, with the logo inscribed above it. The clock will usually be broadcast before close down. In 2002 the clock ident is no longer used. In 2013 the clock ident is used again with Thai language voice-over.

Broadcasting Hours

Years Weekdays Saturday Sunday
24 June 1955 – 25 March 1970 19:00-21:00
26 March 1970 – 31 December 1986 18:00-00:00
1 January 1987 – 31 December 1989 16:00-00:00
1 January 1990 – 31 December 1993 12:00-00:00
1 January 1994 – 31 December 2004 06:00-00:00
1 January 2005-now 24-hours

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