Mohamed Boudia

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Mohamed Boudia (24 February 1932[1] – 28 June 1973) was an Algerian militant and member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He was assassinated in a bomb attack by an Israeli hit team as part of Operation Wrath of God, in reaction of his support to the Palestinian cause . At the time of his assassination, Boudia was the head of PFLP operations in Europe.[2] Boudia was replaced by Carlos the Jackal.[3]

Boudia had been a participant in the Algerian War, during which he had been jailed for an attack on a petrol depot in southern France. The end of the war and Algerian independence in 1962 led to his release, having spent three years in prison. Boudia was a playwright,[4] and after independence became director of Algeria's national theatre. He fled to France after Houari Boumediène seized power in June 1965. He ran a theatre in Paris, whilst beginning to work with figures such as Carlos the Jackal.[5]


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