Mohammad Pakpour

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Mohammad Pakpour
General Pakpour in April 2016
Native name محمد پاکپور
Allegiance Iran Iran
Service/branch IRGC-Seal.svg Revolutionary Guards
Rank 20px Brigadier general
Commands held Ground Forces
Battles/wars Iran–Iraq War
Awards Fath Medal.jpg Order of Fath (1st class)[1]

Mohammad Pakpour (Persian: محمد پاکپور‎‎) Holds the rank of brigadier general and commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards ground forces of Iran's Islamic Revolution.[2][3]

His main responsibilities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Sardar Pakpur at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in the formation of Kurdistan fought riot and 8-year-old war veteran was. His responsibilities include five years of Army Operations Command, commander of the army 8 Najaf, commander of Division 31 of Ashura Command chief Army's Northern Command headquarters victory.Sardar Pakpur has a PhD in political geography and during their responsibility so far, measures such as thorough cleaning of terrorists North West of the country to establish sustainable security in South-East region and the holding of specialized exercises and has done extensive.[4][5]

In News

During a monouver in Iran, He asserts that we want to promote the security of regions and abilities of armees forces and showing new tactiks in military affaires.[6] He expressed that some drones like Hemaseh help in keeps islamic revolution guard corps in toes and also shows their consistency and how the forces well prepared.[7]


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