Mohammad Yeganeh

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Mohammed Yeganeh (5 May 1923 - 18 December 1995) was an Iranian economist who served in various roles in the Iranian government.

Yeganeh attended Tehran University from 1942-1946 obtaining a BA in Law and BA in Economics and then attended Columbia University from 1947-1951 obtaining an MA in Economics. He wrote his dissertation thesis on 'Commercial policies and foreign trade of Iran'.[1] He later worked for the United Nations as an economic affairs officer.[2] It was at the United Nations that Yeganeh worked under Charles Issawi, with whom he co-authored The Economics of Middle Eastern Oil in 1962.

He served in various positions including Deputy Minister of Economy of Iran for industrial and trade development (1964-69), Minister of Development & Housing of Iran (1969–70), Chairman of the Board of the Mortgage Bank of Iran (1969-70), Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iran (1970-71), Alternate Executive Director of the World Bank (1971-1972), Executive Director of IMF (1972-73), Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (1973–76), Minister of State of Iran dealing with international economic relations in regards to OPEC, Paris Conference on International Economic Cooperation, CIEC (1976–77), Minister of State in charge of Planning & Budget Organization of Iran (1977), Chairman of the Board of Directors of OPEC Fund for International Development and Chairman of the working committee that established the OPEC Fund (1976-1979), Minister of Economic Affairs & Finance of Iran (1977–78), Alternate Executive Director of IMF (1978-1980), Adjunct Professor of Economics at Columbia University (1980-85).[3]


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