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Satellite image of Molat

Molat (pronounced [mɔ̌lat]; Italian: Melada) is an island in Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. It is situated near Zadar, southeast from Ist, separated by Zapuntel strait. It has area of 22.82 km2 (8.81 sq mi).[1][2]

The settlements on the island are Molat (population 107), Zapuntel (pop. 42) and Brgulje (pop. 48),[3] and they are situated in the interior of the island, and only smaller hamlets are on the seaside. Main industries on the island are agriculture, sheep breeding, fishing and tourism.[4][5]

It is composed of lower cretaceous and eocene limestone.[5] Northeastern coast is mostly low and indented with numerous coves but the southwestern coast is largely steep.[4] The relief is characterized by two limestone ridges, separated from each other by the Zapuntel Field (the Bay of Brgulje is its southeastern submerged part).[4] A smaller transversal Molat Field stretches in the southeastern part of the island.[4] It is mostly covered with young forests and underbrush.[4]

In 1151 the island became the property of the Zadar-based Benedictine monastery of St. Krševan. From 1409 it was under the power of Republic of Venice, which leased it to several families from Zadar. Abdicated English King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis visited the island in 1939.

World War II

From 1942 until 1943 the island contained an Italian concentration camp.


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