Morewood massacre

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The Morewood massacre was an armed labor-union conflict in Morewood, Pennsylvania, in Westmoreland County, west of the present-day borough Mount Pleasant in 1891. Nine coal miners were shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies during a strike for higher wages and an eight-hour work day.[1][2]

The United Mine Workers union, formed only the previous year, organized the strike against the local coke works owned by industrialist Henry Clay Frick. After a work stoppage beginning on February 2, weeks of increasing unrest, and evictions of mining families from company-controlled property, a crowd of about a thousand strikers accompanied by a brass band marched on the company store in the early morning hours of Friday, April 3.[3] Deputized members of the 10th regiment of the National Guard under the command of Captain Loar fired several volleys [4] into the crowd, killing six strikers outright and fatally wounding three more.[3] Thousands attended their funeral.

A Pennsylvania state historical marker describing the event was erected in 2000 at the Route 119 overpass on Route 981 (Morewood Road).[5]

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