Morning Sun (film)

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Morning Sun
DVD cover for Morning Sun
Directed by Carma Hinton
Geremie Barmé
Richard Gordon
Produced by Carma Hinton
Geremie Barmé
Richard Gordon
Written by Carma Hinton
Geremie Barmé
Release dates
Running time
117 mins
Country United States
Language English

Morning Sun (Chinese: 八九点钟的太阳; pinyin: Bā Jiǔ Diǎn Zhōng de Tàiyáng) is a 2003 documentary film by Carma Hinton about the Cultural Revolution in China.

The film uses archival and propaganda footage from the era as well as interviews with Red Guard participants and victims to explore the events and effects of the Cultural Revolution.

In the United States, the film garnered largely positive reviews.[1][2] It won the American Historical Association John E. O'Connor Film Award in 2004 and was nominated or a finalist in regards to a handful of other awards and film festivals.[3]

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