Mottos and halls of the Livery Companies

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The Livery Companies of the City of London are listed below in alphabetical order, rather than by their order of precedence. Most Companies' mottos are double entendres or puns about their relevant trade, and many are in Latin. Where applicable, the location of the Company's livery hall is also shown:

Apothecaries' Hall: Black Friars Lane
Armourers' Hall: Coleman Street
Bakers' Hall: Harp Lane
Barbers-Surgeons' Hall: Wood Street
Brewers' Hall: Aldermanbury Square
Butchers' Hall: Bartholomew Close
Carpenters' Hall: Throgmorton Avenue, London Wall
Clothworkers' Hall: Dunster Court, Mincing Lane
Coopers' Hall: Devonshire Square
Cutlers' Hall: Warwick Lane
Drapers' Hall: Throgmorton Avenue, Throgmorton Street
Dyers' Hall: Dowgate Hill
Farmers' Hall: Cloth Street
Fishmongers' Hall: London Bridge (City end)
Fletchers' Hall: Cloth Street
Founders' Hall: Cloth Fair
Furniture Makers' Hall: Austin Friars
Girdlers' Hall: Basinghall Avenue
Glaziers' Hall: London Bridge (Southwark end)
Goldsmiths' Hall: Foster Lane
Grocers' Hall: Princes Street
Gunmakers' Hall: Commercial Road (Tower Hamlets)
Haberdashers' Hall: West Smithfield
Information Technologists' Hall: Bartholomew Close
Innholders' Hall: College Street
Insurers' Hall: Aldermanbury
Ironmongers' Hall: Aldersgate Street
Launderers' Hall: London Bridge (Southwark end)
Leathersellers' Hall: Garlick Hill
Mercers' Hall: Ironmonger Lane
Merchant Taylors' Hall: Threadneedle Street
Painters' Hall: Little Trinity Lane
Pewterers' Hall: Oat Lane
Plaisterers' Hall: London Wall
Saddlers' Hall: Gutter Lane
Salters' Hall: Fore Street
Scientific Instrument Makers' Hall: Montague Close (Southwark)
Skinners' Hall: Dowgate Hill
Stationers' Hall: Ave Maria Lane
Tallow Chandlers' Hall: Dowgate Hill
Vintners' Hall: Upper Thames Street
Wax Chandlers' Hall: Gresham Street