Moultrie Packers

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Moultrie Packers
(1916–1917, 1935–1942, 1946–1952, 1955–1957, 1962–1963)
Moultrie, Georgia
  • Class A (1963)
  • Class D (1916–1962)
Minor league affiliations
League Georgia–Florida League (1935–1963)
Previous leagues
Dixie League (1916–1917)
Major league affiliations
Team data
Previous names
  • Moultrie Colt .22s (1962–1963)
  • Moultrie/Brunswick Phillies (1957)
  • Moultrie Reds (1955–1956)
  • Moultrie Giants (1952)
  • Moultrie To-baks (1951)
  • Moultrie Cubs (1950)
  • Moultrie Athletics (1948–1949)
  • Moultrie Packers (1936–42, 1946–1947)
  • Leesburg Pirates (1947–1948)
  • Moultrie Steers (1935)
  • Moultrie Packers (1916–1917)

The Moultrie Packers were a class D, and class A in 1963, minor league baseball team, based in Moultrie, Georgia that played in the Dixie League from 1916–1917 and the Georgia–Florida League from 1935–1942, 1946–1952, 1955–1957, and 1962–1963. In 1935 they were named the Moultrie Steers before reestablishing the Packers moniker, which they used until 1947. Their name then changed frequently until the 1963 season when they disbanded. From 1948–1949, the team was named the Moultrie Athletics as an affiliate of the Philadelphia Athletics. In 1950, they were renamed the Moultrie Cubs and a year later, the Moultrie To-baks. The team would be renamed the Moultrie Reds and Moultrie Giants, before merging with a team from Brunswick, Georgia in 1957, and being named the Moultrie/Brunswick Phillies. In 1962, the team finally became the Moultrie Colt .22s, after an affiliation with the Houston Colt .45s.[1]


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