Muhammad Al-Sabah

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Sabah II Al-Jaber I Al-Sabah
Reign May 1893 to 1896 ( 3 years)
Predecessor Abdullah II Al-Sabah
Successor Mubarak Al-Sabah
Born 1838
Died 1896
Father Sabah II Al-Sabah
Styles of
The 6th Monarch Ruler of Kuwait
Ottoman flag alternative 2.svg
Reference style His Highness
Spoken style Your Highness
Alternative style Sheikh

Muhammad al-Sabah Al-Sabah (1838 – 1894) was the sixth ruler of Kuwait. He ruled between May 1893 and 1896 [1] during which he held the title of Pasha from the Ottoman Sultan. He was the second son of Sabah II Al-Sabah and succeeded his half-brother Abdullah II Al-Sabah upon his death. Sheikh Muhammad and his brother Jarrah was assassinated in his house by another brother, Mubarak Al-Sabah in 1896.[1]

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Muhammad Al-Sabah
Born: 1831 Died: 17 May 1896
Regnal titles
Preceded by Sheikh of Kuwait
Succeeded by
Mubarak Al-Sabah

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