Myanmar–Russia relations

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Myanmar–Russia relations



Bilateral relations with the Russian Federation (Russian: Российско-мьянманские отношения) are the strongest[citation needed] enjoyed by largely isolated Myanmar. Russia had established diplomatic relations with Myanmar, when it became independent and it remained even today after the fall of the Soviet Union. China and Russia once vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution designed to punish Myanmar.[1][2] In recent years, China has shown a lack of willingness to back the Myanmar government and has attempted to stabilize the political situation in Myanmar.[1] Today Russia still opposes placing sanctions on Myanmar and wants to support a policy of dialogue.

Nuclear cooperation

In 2007 Russia and Myanmar did a controversial nuclear research center deal. According to the press release, "The centre will comprise a 10MW light-water reactor working on 20%-enriched uranium-235, an activation analysis laboratory, a medical isotope production laboratory, silicon doping system, nuclear waste treatment and burial facilities".[3]

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