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A NATO summit is a summit meeting that is regarded as a periodic opportunity for Heads of State and Heads of Government of NATO member countries to evaluate and provide strategic direction for Alliance activities.[1]

NATO summits are not regular meetings like the more frequent NATO ministerial meetings, but rather are important junctures in the alliance's decision-making process on the highest level. Summits are often used to introduce new policy, invite new members into the alliance, launch major new initiatives, and build partnerships with non-NATO countries.

List of NATO summits

From the founding of NATO in 1949, there have been a total of twenty-six NATO summits; the last of which was the 2014 Newport summit held in September 2014. Only the traditional summits have received an official number, thereby excluding the exceptional summit of 2001 in NATO headquarters.[2] The next NATO summit will take place in Warsaw, Poland in July 2016.

Year Dates Country City
1957 16–19 December France Paris
1974 26 June Belgium Brussels
1975 29–30 May
1977 10–11 May United Kingdom London
1978 30–31 May United States Washington, D.C.
1978 10 June West Germany Bonn
1985 21 November Belgium Brussels
1988 2–3 May
1989 29–30 May
4 December
1990 5–6 July United Kingdom London
1991 7–8 November Italy Rome
1994 10–11 January Belgium Brussels
1997 27 May France Paris
8–9 July Spain Madrid
1999 23–25 April United States Washington, D.C.
2001 13 June Belgium Brussels
2002 28 May Italy Rome
2002 21–22 November Czech Republic Prague
2004 28–29 June Turkey Istanbul
2005 25 February Belgium Brussels
2006 28–29 November Latvia Riga
2008 2–4 April Romania București
2009 2–3 April France/Germany Strasbourg-Kehl
2010 19–20 November Portugal Lisbon
2012 20–21 May United States Chicago
2014 4–5 September United Kingdom Newport/Cardiff, Wales
2016 8–9 July Poland Warsaw

Source: NATO, Summits & Ministerial Meetings

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