Nacho Vidal

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Nacho Vidal
Nacho Vidal en el FICEB 2007.jpg
Nacho VIdal at FICEB (2007)
Born Ignacio Jordà González
(1973-12-30) December 30, 1973 (age 45)
Mataró, Spain
Occupation Actor, director, producer, writer, editor, camera
Years active 1997–present
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight 187 lb (85 kg; 13.4 st)
Children 3
No. of adult films 490

Ignacio Jordà González,[1] aka Nacho Vidal (born 30 December 1973), is a Spanish pornographic actor, director, producer, writer, and camera operator.

Early life

Ignacio Jordà González was born in Mataró, Province of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. When he was very young, González moved with his family to Valencia, where part of his family originated.[2][3] His family was wealthy, but ended up losing all their money in the 1987 stock market crash. His nickname, Nacho, is the common nickname for Ignacio.[4]


At age 14, Vidal quit school to start working to help his family.[4] As a young teenager, he used to have a punk band. He also was a boxer[4] and enlisted in the Spanish Legion in Melilla.[4] Later, he started working at the age of 21 in the live porn club Bagdad of Barcelona, where he performed live sexual acts in front of an audience with his girlfriend "Jazmine".[4] There, he met the director of the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival, José María Ponce, who introduced him into the world of porn films.[citation needed]

Vidal is a protégé of Rocco Siffredi, who brought him to Hollywood in 1998. In his prolific career he has starred in more than 1500 movies; he has also produced and/or directed many others (since 2000, this has included gay titles for the Evil Angel video company). Although self-stated as heterosexual,[5] he has directed some gay porn films.[6]

Besides porn, Vidal has also starred in a few Spanish mainstream movies and TV also known as the "non testículo" the testiculess porn star (easy on my feet) because it retracts during erection. However has many shows including the Spanish TV series Los Simuladores[7] and the Spanish movies Va a ser que nadie es perfecto,[8] El Alquimista Impaciente[7] and Impávido.[9]

Legal problems

On October 16, 2012, Vidal and his sister María José Jordá González were arrested in Barcelona, suspected of involvement in money laundering and tax evasion on behalf of Chinese organized crime.[10] When Spanish police raided over 100 businesses in Madrid and Barcelona suspected of running money-laundering and tax evasion rackets in connection with the Chinese mob, Vidal and his sister were two of approximately 80 suspects detained.[11] Hundreds of police were involved in serving "warrants to search 120 properties belonging to those suspected of laundering money from prostitution and extortion."[12]

While Spanish prosecutors sought to hold Vidal in jail during the investigation and subsequent trial, on October 19, 2012, National Court Judge Fernando Andreu declined their request and instead accepted the defense's contention that, "Vidal is not a flight risk because he signed a contract to participate in a reality show for the next three months." Upon his no-bail release, Vidal announced, "Thanks to everyone for their support. I've gone without any charge."[12]

Despite personally avoiding detention during the investigation and trial, Vidal's movie studio Nacho Vidal Productions was implicated in the Spanish National Court led sting and charged with counts of flight of capital and tax evasion. The newspaper El País described Vidal as "one of the high[est]-profile suspects arrested" and explained that he was accused along with his sister of helping the ring "by issuing false invoices from his movie production company."[13]

Vidal claimed he was innocent.[citation needed]

Personal life

On 31 May 2005, Vidal announced his retirement from pornography and married Colombian pornographic actress Franceska Jaimes.[5] They moved to a mansion previously owned by his family, located in the small town of Enguera, in Valencia, recovering it after his family's financial losses. He and his wife started a family there.[4][8] However, the couple divorced six weeks later,[8] and Vidal returned to porn only a few months after announcing his retirement. He also has a daughter from an earlier relationship with Venezuelan Rosa Castro.[14]

Vidal has stated that he is very open-minded, but is heterosexual in his personal life.[15]

Awards and nominations

  • 2013 XBIZ Award winner - Best Scene - Gonzo/Non-Feature Release (Nacho Invades America 2 - Nacho Vidal/Evil Angel) with Chanel Preston[16]
  • 2012 XBIZ Award winner – Foreign Male Performer of the Year[17]
  • 2012 Turia Awards - Huevo de Colón Award[citation needed]
  • 2012 AVN Award - Best Anal Sex Scene[citation needed]
  • 2012 AVN Award - Best Three-Way Sex Scene (G/G/B)[citation needed]
  • 2012 AVN Hall of Fame inductee[citation needed]
  • 2009 Hot d'Or Award winner - Best European Male Performer[18][19]
  • 2008 Ninfa Award winner - Best Actor (Public) and Most Original Sex Scene (The Fashionistas Safado Berlin 1 with Katsuni & Melissa Lauren)[20][21]
  • 2006 Ninfa Award winner - Best Actor[22]
  • 2004 Ninfa Award winner - Best Transvestite Film (Travestís dominados por Nacho - International film grup)[23][24]
  • 2004 AVN Award - Best Couples Sex Scene - Video[citation needed]
  • 2004 AVN Award - Best Group Sex Scene - Video[citation needed]
  • 2003 Ninfa Award winner - Best Actor (Back 2 Evil - International Film Grup)[25]
  • 2002 Ninfa Award winner - Best Actor (Public)[26]
  • 2001 AVN Award - Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Release[citation needed]
  • 2001 XRCO Award - Best Threeway Sex Scene[citation needed]
  • 2001 Ninfa Award winner - Best Actor (Face Dance Obsession)[27]
  • 2000 AVN Award - Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Release[citation needed]
  • 2000 Ninfa Award winner - Best Sex Scene (Brazilian Butt Fest - International Film Grup) with Cassandra & Jazmine[28]
  • 2000 Ninfa Award winner - Best Actor (Buttman's Anal Divas - International Film Grup)[28]


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