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Naomi Schaefer Riley is an American journalist, syndicated columnist, lecturer, non-fiction writer, editor, and blogger, for, among other news outlets, The New York Post.[1]

Riley's writings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, and The Washington Post, among others. She is also a lecturer at colleges and universities. At The Wall Street Journal, she covered religion, higher education and philanthropy for the editorial page.[2] Prior to this assignment, she founded the magazine In Character.

Riley was a blogger for the Chronicle of Higher Education until she was fired in 2012 after writing a blog arguing for the elimination of Black Studies as university departments, which resulted in a social media backlash, and a petition demanding her firing, which contained roughly 6,500 names.[3]

Personal life

She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University. She and her husband (since 2004), Jason Riley, a journalist, author and pundit, have three children.[4]


  • God on the Quad: How Religious Colleges and the Missionary Generation Are Changing America, Ivan R. Dee (2006); ISBN 978-1566636988
  • The Faculty Lounges … And Other Reasons Why You Won't Get the College Education You Pay For, Ivan R. Dee (2011); ISBN 978-1566638869
  • Acculturated: 23 Savvy Writers Find Hidden Virtue in Reality TV, Chic Lit, Video Games, and Other Pillars of Pop Culture (co-editor), Templeton Press (2012); ISBN 978-1599474045
  • 'Til Faith Do Us Part: How Interfaith Marriage is Transforming America, Oxford University Press (2013); ISBN 978-0199873746
  • Opportunity and Hope: Transforming Children's Lives through Scholarships, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2014); ISBN 978-1442226098
  • Got Religion?: How Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues Can Bring Young People Back, Templeton Press (2014); ISBN 978-1599473918


  • Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship
  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute Journalism Fellowship
  • 2006 American Academy of Religion's Newswriting Contest for Opinion Writing (winner)


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