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The National Association of Australian University Colleges Inc (NAAUC) is the peak representative body for students living on Australian tertiary campuses. As a non-profit association, NAAUC aims to coordinate a network of communication between residences on a national scale, foster goodwill amongst association members, and liaise with college heads and administration in order to provide the best possible advice and referral to Australian colleges, residential halls of residences and student villages.


NAAUC was founded during a small gathering of College Club Presidents and Senior Students at an Intercollegiate Conference held in Canberra in 1967.


The aims of the Association were established in 1968:

  • To co-ordinate, on a national scale, a network of communications between members of the Association
  • To implement a system of liaison with heads of college in order to further the interests of member colleges and halls
  • To foster goodwill and understanding between members of the Association
  • To promote the efficient administration of college, hall and residential associations throughout the country
  • To provide colleges with information regarding pertinent issues
  • To develop and enable professionalism within college student bodies
  • To lead the development of colleges

The Executive

An executive of eight members is elected (with the exception of Immediate Past President) by member colleges each year to co-ordinate the activities and provide direction to the association for the following year. The positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, IT Officer, Conference Directors (2) and Immediate Past President. A team of State Representatives also supports the Executive Committee.

The Current (2014/2015) Executive is:

  • President: Michael Naess (International House, The University of Queensland)
  • Vice-President: Sylvie Giguere (Women's College, The University of Queensland)
  • Secretary: Onjawli Chakravarty (Grace College, The University of Queensland)
  • Treasurer: Afra Cader (Queen's College, The University of Melbourne)
  • IT Officer: Tamasin McArthur (Cromwell College, Queensland University of Technology)
  • Conference Directors: Kathy Lee and Drew Nguyen (Ursula Hall, The Australian National University; and Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University, respectively)
  • Immediate Past President: Alice Draffin (Mannix College, Monash University)

Annual Conference

The association holds an annual conference for its members and involves a program of various activities all with relevance to on-campus residential living. At each year's conference several colleges present bids in competition to host the conference in their city the following year. Two conference directors from the host city are appointed and are responsible for the planning and running of the program under the supervision of the executive. The program typically includes;


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Event Planning and Liquor Licensing
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Public speaking
  • IT Skills and Publications
  • Sustainability
  • Media Crisis Management

Role Development Seminars

The NAAUC Conference has a vast alumnus of veteran college leaders to encourage and aid future leaders. The Role Development Seminars are a key tool in passing information to prospective office seekers and in sharing lessons learned - the hard way - from other colleges. These sessions outline what prospective student leaders should do in preparation for appointment, what sort of commitment various positions involve and issues they should consider upon successful appointment. Seminars are presented in the areas of student club President and Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Officer and Residential Advisor.

Community Service

One of the more recent additions to the conference program has been a community service outing. These outings have included day-long trips to areas outside host cities to survey and work on damaged land and vegetation. In 2005 the conference delegation planted more than 2000 tube stock native plants at a 93 hectare site in the Galada Tamboore Reserve in outer Melbourne.

Parliamentary Debating

The model debate gives delegates the opportunity to match their wits in an educational and slightly comical look at contentious college issues. Always one of the highlights of the week, the conference parliamentary debate is usually held at the host city's Parliament House.

Social Events

A full social program is the tradition of the annual conference. From our staple events such as Merch-Swap, Charity Auction and Wine & Cheese night, to new and innovative events including the NAAUCing Dead, Barn Dance and Welcome to Country, NAAUC introduces new event ideas to colleges that focuses on inclusiveness and engagement. Night outings to renowned landmarks and activities unique to the host city are also popular, and in the past have included trips to the Fremantle Prison, AFL games at the Melbourne Cricket Ground as well as others. In-house functions and the black-tie ball held at the end of the conference week are a highlight for many.

State associations

South Australia

The South Australian Association of University College Clubs (SAAUCC) is an association of the five undergraduate residential colleges located in Adelaide, South Australia. The college clubs involved are Aquinas College, Flinders University Hall, Lincoln College, St. Ann's College and St. Mark's College. Its primary function is to organise and stage sporting contests between the five colleges, especially for the Douglas Irving Cup, as well as inter-college social events. It is also responsible for intercollege-relations and discipline.

The independent Lutheran Seminary is not currently a member of SAAUCC.

The representative body for SAAUCC is the SAAUCC committee. Each individual college committee's President and two Sports Secretaries are automatically elected to the SAAUCC committee. In addition, each college may elect a further member from their community (not necessarily from their College Club Committee).[citation needed]

Past Conferences

The 2016 Conference will be jointly hosted by Dunmore Lang College and Robert Menzies College, within Macquarie University (Sydney).

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