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National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc.
Formation 1911
Legal status Trade association
Purpose Market research
Consumer information
Region served
United States
Coffee companies
Willard (Dub) Hay[1]

The National Coffee Association (NCA) or (National Coffee Association of U.S.A., Inc.), is the main market research, consumer information, and lobbying[2] association for the coffee industry in the United States.

Surveys produced by the NCA are widely cited in mainstream media.

The association has numerous functions and services that include:

  • Market and scientific research
  • Domestic and international government relations, including lobbying
  • Public relations and education[3]


The National Coffee Association was founded in 1911. It was the United States' first association for the US coffee industry, and it is one of the oldest trade associations formed in the country.[4]

Membership and management

NCA's membership comprises mainly small and mid-sized companies, including coffee growers, roasters, retailers, as well as importers/exporters and wholesaler/suppliers. This membership accounts for more than 90% of all US coffee commerce.

The Chairman of the association is Willard (Dub) Hay, who is also senior vice president of Starbucks, a position he has held since 2002.[1]

National Coffee Drinking Trends

Started in 1950, this branch of the NCA surveys coffee consumption in the United States, producing a statistical research report published annually.[5][6]

The Coffee Achievers

The association launched The Coffee Achievers advertising campaign in 1980, that featured prominent celebrities such as David Bowie, the band Heart, ELO, Cicely Tyson, Jane Curtin, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ken Anderson.

The Coffee Achievers campaign was mentioned in the 1985 Weird Al Yankovic song "Dare to Be Stupid" and the 1989 Bad Religion song "Anxiety."

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