National Security Advisor (United Kingdom)

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National Security Adviser
to the Prime Minister
Cabinet Office
National Security Staff
Reports to The Prime Minister
Appointer The Prime Minister
Formation 2010
First holder Sir Peter Ricketts
Deputy Deputy National Security Advisor

The National Security Adviser (NSA) is a senior aide in the Cabinet Office, based in Whitehall who serves as the chief adviser to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on national security issues.

The NSA is secretary to the National Security Council which is chaired by the Prime Minister and head of National Security and Intelligence (National Security Secretariat) which is part of the Cabinet Office.[1] The NSA will also advise Secretaries of State and other government ministers on issues of national security when necessary.

The first National Security Adviser (NSA) of the United Kingdom was Sir Peter Ricketts,[2] who was previously Permanent Secretary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee. He handed over to Sir Kim Darroch in January 2012. On 7 July 2015, it was announced that Sir Mark Lyall Grant would replace Darroch as National Security Adviser in early September 2015.[3]

List of National Security Advisors

# Name Term of Office Prime Minister(s) served under
Start End
1 Sir Peter Ricketts 2010 2012 David Cameron
2 Sir Kim Darroch 2012 2015
3 Sir Mark Lyall Grant 7 September 2015 present


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