National road cycling championships

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An example of the British, French, German and Italian national cycling jerseys

National road cycling championships are held annually by host nations in each cycle racing discipline. In most cases, each nation holds its annual events in early June during a designed break in the professional calendar. Oceania nations, most notably Australia and New Zealand, hold their national championships in late January. Beginning in 2011, the United States holds its national championships in late May, coinciding with the Memorial Day weekend.[1]

In road racing, winning riders of national championships are crowned as:[2]

  • Men's Elite Road Race Champion
  • Men's Elite Time Trial Champion
  • Women's Road Race Champion
  • Women's Time Trial Champion
  • Men's Under-23 Road Race Champion
  • Men's Under-23 Time Trial Champion

National champion cycling jersey

File:Aust Champ armband on Robbie McEwen, Cyclist, 2.01.10.jpg
The armband of the Australian National Champion, as worn by Robbie McEwen as part of his Team Katusha jersey

A national champion cycling jersey is a cycling jersey awarded to the winning riders of each event at the national cycling championships sponsored by the national governing body and recognized by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). The national champion cycling jersey is often colored and styled after that country's national flag, or else utilises the country's national colours.

Riders are authorized to wear an awarded national champion cycling jersey until next year's national championship. Afterwards, past champions may wear the national colors around the neckline and arm bands.