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Neo Democrats
Convenors Chan King-ming
Kwan Wing-yip
Ben Chung
Founded 2 October 2010
Split from Democratic Party
Headquarters Flat F, 22/F, 6–20
Yin Chong Street,
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre-left
Regional affiliation Pan-democracy camp
Colours      Gold/Orange
Legislative Council
1 / 70
District Councils
16 / 458
Politics of Hong Kong
Political parties
Neo Democrats
Traditional Chinese 新民主同盟
Politics and government
of Hong Kong
Foreign relations
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The Neo Democrats (Chinese: 新民主同盟) are a pro-democracy political grouping in Hong Kong, composed mainly of former and disenchanted members of the Democratic Party.

Members are considered as the Young Turks faction and reformists in the Democratic Party, and mostly from the New Territories East constituency. They support a more radically pro-democratic position than that of the Democratic Party.

The group describes itself as a 'social movement' and 'not a political party'. However it fielded candidates in the 2011 district council elections, when it cooperated with other parties in the democratic camp to avoid having more than one pan-democrat in each contest. In the 2012 Legco elections the group won one seat, in New Territories East for one of its leaders, a sitting Legislative Councillor, Gary Fan.[1]


The Neo Democrats identified themselves initially as a grouping within the Democratic Party, opposed to its rejection of the Five Constituencies Referendum and concessions towards Beijing that the party was offering in the run-up to the Legco vote on the Hong Kong government's proposals for democratic reform. It said it aimed to repair the damaged relationship between the Democratic Party and its pan-democratic allies.[2]

As the Neo Democrats styled themselves a continuation of the United Democrats of Hong Kong, they chose to found the group on an anniversary of both the dissolution of UDHK and the foundation of the Democratic Party.

Then on 19 December 2010, thirty members including seven district councillors in the New Territories East resigned from the Democratic Party to formally create the new group. The departees included former party vice-chairman Chan King-ming and at least five other founding members, together representing around ten percent of the DP's district councillors and just under five percent of its membership.[1]

Organisation and membership

Members of the grouping include Sai Kung district councillors Gary Fan, Leung Li and Cheung Kwok-keung,[3] and former Democratic Party's vice-chairman Chan King-ming.

The Neo Democrats' leadership comprises four 'convenors', who take individual charge for rotating six-month terms. Convenors currently include Gary Fan.[4]

Anti-immigration and Hong Kong first

The Neo Democrats represented by Gary Fan have been calling for the government to take back the approval rights on one-way permits from Chinese authorities and to reduce the quota of such permits.[5] Fan also refers to immigrants from mainland China and the quota of 150 daily permits as "the root of the housing problem".[6]

In September 2013, Gary Fan co-sponsored a controversial ad which claimed that cutting people from the source of immigration would help the people of Hong Kong to get to the bottom of the housing problem, while rejecting claims of bias or discrimination against mainlanders,[7] despite condemnation from the Equal Opportunities Commission.[8] Fan later introduced a motion on adhering to the need to "put Hong Kong people first" in formulating policies, but the motion was ultimately defeated.[9]

2015 District Council election

In the 2015 District Council election, Neo Democrats became the best performers when 15 out of their 16 candidates fielded won, the total number of seats having increased from 7 to 15 since the previous election.[10]

Frankie Lam returned to Neo Democrat in April 2016. He is a Sai Kung District Council member and was a Neo Democrat member, before the group formally split from the Democratic Party.

Performance in elections

Legislative council elections

Election Number of
popular votes
 % of
popular votes
Total seats +/−
2012 28,621Steady 1.58Steady 1 0
1 / 70

District council elections

Election Number of
popular votes
 % of
popular votes
elected seats
2011 25,437Steady 2.15Steady
8 / 412
2015 42,148Increase 2.92Increase
15 / 431

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