Premier of New Brunswick

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Premier of New Brunswick
NewBrunswick CoatOfArms.png
Brian Gallant, New Brunswick, Canada's Liberal leader.png
Brian Gallant

since October 7, 2014
Government of New Brunswick
Office of the Premier
Style The Honourable
Member of
Reports to Legislative Assembly
Seat Fredericton
Appointer Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Andrew Rainsford Wetmore
Formation August 16, 1867[1]

The Premier of New Brunswick (French (masculine): Premier ministre du Nouveau-Brunswick, or feminine: Première ministre du Nouveau-Brunswick) is the first minister for the Canadian province of New Brunswick. They are the province's head of government and de facto chief executive.

The premier of a Canadian province is much like the Prime Minister of Canada. He or she is normally the leader of the party or coalition with the most seats in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick. The premier is styled Honourable but is not a member of the privy council so this title is only for the duration of his or her term of office. Prior the establishment of the office, the Government leaders prior to responsible government was the chief political position in New Brunswick.

The premier is chosen by the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick.

The province of New Brunswick, since being established in 1785, has had a variety of leaders. Since the 1840s responsible government has been in place and the position of Premier has been formalized.

The current Premier of New Brunswick is Brian Gallant, who was sworn in October 7, 2014.[2]


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