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2512, a monthly news magazine published in Réunion.

A news magazine is a typed, printed, and published piece of paper, magazine or a radio or television program, usually weekly, showing articles on current events. News magazines generally go more in-depth into stories than newspapers or television programs, trying to give the reader an understanding of the important events, rather than just the facts.

Broadcast news magazines

Radio news magazines are similar to television news magazines. Unlike radio newscasts, which are typically about five minutes in length, radio news magazines can run from 30 minutes to three hours or more.

Television news magazines provide a similar service to print news magazines, but their stories are presented as short television documentaries rather than written articles. These broadcasts serve as an alternative in covering certain issues more in-depth than regular newscasts. The formula, first established by Panorama on the BBC in 1953 has proved successful around the world. Television news magazines provide several stories not seen on regular newscasts, including celebrity profiles, coverage of big businesses, hidden camera techniques, better international coverage, exposing and correcting injustices, in-depth coverage of a headline story, and hot topic interviews.

In the United States, television news magazines were very popular in the 1990s since they were a cheap and easy way to better use the investment in national television network Nightly News departments. Television news magazines once aired five nights a week on most television networks.[1] However, with the success of reality shows, news magazines have largely been supplanted. Reality shows cost slightly less to produce and attain a younger and more loyal audience than the news magazines they replaced. Thus, the audience once attracted to news magazine shows have largely drifted to Cable television in the United States, where common news magazine topics such as nature, science, celebrities, and politics all have their own specialty channel.

Most commercial broadcasting television stations have local news that refers to news coverage of events in a local context which would not normally be of interest to those of other localities, or otherwise be of national or international scope.

Notable print news magazines

Major newsmagazines
Newsmagazine Country of origin
Klan Albania
Mapo Albania
Noticias Argentina
CartaCapital Brazil
Época Brazil
IstoÉ Brazil
Veja Brazil
L'actualité Canada
Maclean's Canada
Semana Colombia
Týden Czech Republic
Respekt Czech Republic
Suomen Kuvalehti Finland
L'Express France
Marianne France
Le Nouvel Observateur France
Le Point France
Der Spiegel Germany
Stern Germany
Focus Germany
Yazhou Zhoukan Hong Kong
Frontline India
India Today India
The Week India
Outlook India
Tehelka India
HardNews India
The Northeast Today India
Shraman Bharti India
Tempo Indonesia
L'Espresso Italy
Famiglia Cristiana Italy
Panorama Italy
Proceso Mexico
HP/De Tijd Netherlands
Elsevier Netherlands
De Groene Amsterdammer Netherlands
Nieuwe Revu Netherlands
Vrij Nederland Netherlands
Newswatch Nigeria
Caretas Peru
Polityka Poland
Visão Portugal
Ogoniok Russia
The New Times – Novoye Vremya Russia
NIN Serbia
Nedeljnik Serbia[2]
Mladina Slovenia
Korrespondent Ukraine
The Economist United Kingdom
New Statesman United Kingdom
The Spectator United Kingdom
The Week United Kingdom
Bloomberg Businessweek United States
The Atlantic United States
The New Yorker United States
The Nation United States
Mother Jones United States
National Review United States
The New Republic United States
Newsweek United States
TIME United States
The Weekly Standard United States
WORLD United States

Notable TV news magazines


United States



United Kingdom

Other countries

Notable radio news magazines



United Kingdom

United States


  • Canada Live (CBC)
  • The Current Review (CBC)
  • World Report The World At Six (CBC)

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