Nikolai Stepulov

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Nikolai Stepulov
Personal information
Nationality Estonian
Ethnicity Russian
Born March 20, 1913
Narva, Saint Petersburg Governorate, Russian Empire
Died January 2, 1968

Nikolai Stepulov (20 March 1913 in Narva – 2 January 1968 in Tallinn) was a Russian-born Soviet boxer from Estonia, who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.[1]

In 1936 he won the silver medal in the lightweight class after losing the final against Imre Harangi.

Later life

Stepulov later became a member of the "People's Self-Defense" Communist militia in Estonia and participated in the Soviet occupation of Estonia on 21 June 1940. He led militia forces engaged at the Battle of Raua Street in Tallinn, the only instance of combat against the Estonian military during the occupation.[2]


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