Nikolaos Aggelakis

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Nikolaos Aggelakis (born 1906, date of death unknown) was a Greek football forward of the 1930s.


Aggelakis played for Aris Thessaloniki and was a member of the 1932 side that won the Greek championship. That year, he was top-scorer of the Greek League with 15 goals (tied with teammate Nikos Kitsos).

During his career, Aggelakis was capped 11 times by the Greece national football team and scored two goals, his debut coming in 1929.[1]

Aggelakis was the first of three generations of the Aggelakis family to be on the staff of Aris.[2] He is the father of Rigas, who played football for Aris, and the grandfather of the present-day referee with the same name.[3]


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