Noe Ramishvili

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Noe Ramishvili
1st Prime Minister of Georgia
In office
26 May 1918 – 24 June 1918
President Noe Zhordania
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Noe Zhordania
Personal details
Born 1881
Died 7 December 1930
Paris, France
Political party Russian Social Democratic Labour Party
Social Democratic Labour Party

Noe Besarionis dze Ramishvili (Georgian: ნოე რამიშვილი; his name is also transliterated as Noah or Noi) (1881 - December 7, 1930) was a Georgian politician and the president of the first government of Democratic Republic of Georgia. He was one of the leaders of the Menshevik wing of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. He was also known by his party noms de guerre: Pyotr, and Semyonov N.

He joined the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party in 1902 and soon became a prominent spokesman of the Mensheviks.

Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic (interior minister)

Following the 1917 Bolshevik October Revolution he became one of the leaders of Georgian National Soviet and was appointed, on April 22, 1918, an interior minister of Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic, a loose federation of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Democratice Republic of Georgia (First President of Government)

On May 26, 1918, Georgia became an independent state as a Democratic Republic of Georgia. Ramishvili was elected a chairman of the government and was replaced by his close associate, Noe Zhordania on July 24, 1918. In a new government, Ramishvili accepted a post of interior minister. Since March 1919, he simultaneously held also the posts of education minister and defense minister. He was frequently criticized by the Georgian opposition for his harsh reaction to the peasant disturbances in 1918 and 1919; yet his role in preventing large-scale Bolshevik revolts cannot be overlooked.

Exile in France

After the Soviet Russian forces occupied the country in February–March 1921, Ramishvili emigrated to France, but did not cease his efforts to undermine the Bolshevik dictatorship. He sponsored the preparation for the 1924 August Uprising in Georgia, which ended unsuccessfully and was followed by mass repressions against the Georgian nobility and intellectuals.

Ramishvili was one of the most prominent leaders of the Poland-guided anti-Soviet Prometheism movement. In 1930, he was assassinated in Paris, France, by a Soviet foreign intelligence agent.

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Preceded by
Prime Minister of Georgia
Succeeded by
Noe Zhordania