Non abbiamo bisogno

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Non abbiamo bisogno
(Italian: We do not need)
Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XI
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Quadragesimo anno Cercle jaune 50%.svg Nova impendet
Date 29 June 1931
Argument On Catholic action in Italy
Encyclical number 20 of 31 of the pontificate
Text [not available in Latin]
in English

Non abbiamo bisogno (Italian for "We do not need")[1] is a Roman Catholic encyclical published on 29 June 1931 by Pope Pius XI.

The encyclical condemned Italian fascism’s “pagan worship of the State” and “revolution which snatches the young from the Church and from Jesus Christ, and which inculcates in its own young people hatred, violence and irreverence.”[2]

The encyclical begins with the Pope's protest against Mussolini's closing of Italian Catholic Action and Catholic Youth organizations in that same year. Pius XI made protests not just about the closing of these Catholic associations, but also against calumnies[clarification needed] ordered to be published in the Italian press by Mussolini.

Pius also wrote that Mussolini's regime was anti-Catholic. The encyclical was clearly anti-fascist in stance. In verse 65, the encyclical remembers that Italy entered in fascism with Freemasonry and "liberalism".[clarification needed]

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Cardinal Secretary of State under Popes Benedict XVI and Francis, asserts that the encyclical was "strongly polemic" against Mussolini who ordered that Catholic youth associations be dissolved. [3]

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