Nordic Reich Party

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Nordic Reich Party
Leader Göran Assar Oredsson
Founded 1956
Dissolved 2009
Ideology National Socialism

The Nordic Reich Party (Swedish: Nordiska rikspartiet, NRP) was a Neo-Nazi political party in Sweden, founded in 1956 as the National Socialist Combat League of Sweden (Sveriges nationalsocialistiska kampförbund) by Göran Assar Oredsson. Oredsson was also the party leader except for a few years during the 1970s while he wrote his autobiography Prisat vare allt som gjort mig hårdare ("Blessed be everything that has made me stronger"). During that time, his wife Vera Oredsson took on the role as party leader and became Sweden's first female party leader.

In 1973, NRP ran for the Swedish parliament but only obtained a few hundred votes. In 2009 the party dissolved.[1]


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