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The Norman family became prominent in British banking circles from about 1820 to 1950. The most prominent member of the family was Montagu Norman. the powerful Governor of the Bank of England 1920 to 1944.

  1. Sir Montagu Norman (the 1st Baron Norman (6 September 1871 – 4 February 1950),[3] a long serving Governor of the Bank of England) and
  2. Ronald Collet Norman (1873–5 December 1963), chaired the BBC and the London County Council.

Mark Norman CBE (3 April 1910 – 1994) was an English banker, managing director of Lazard Brothers, the merchant bankers and chairman of Gallaher, the cigarette manufacturers. He was a son of Ronald Collet Norman. His own son is David Norman (born 30 January 1941), a management consultant and entrepreneur.

  • Philip Norman (1842-1931), another son of George Warde Norman, was a noted artist, author and antiquarian.

The banking Normans are not descended from the Dukes of Rutland,[4] but are related to the Bonham-Carter family.[5]


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