North Hamgyong Province

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North Hamgyong Province
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul 함경북도
 • Hanja 咸鏡北道
 • McCune‑Reischauer Hamgyŏngbuk-to
 • Revised Romanization Hamgyeongbuk-do
Location of North Hamgyong Province
Country North Korea
Region Kwanbuk
Capital Chongjin
Subdivisions 4 cities; 12 counties
 • Total 20,345 km2 (7,855 sq mi)
Population (2008)[1]
 • Total 2,327,362
 • Density 110/km2 (300/sq mi)
Dialect Hamgyong

North Hamgyong Province (Hamgyŏngbukdo) is the northernmost province of North Korea. The province was formed in 1896 from the northern half of the former Hamgyong Province.


The province is bordered by China on the north, South Hamgyong on the southwest, and Ryanggang on the west. On the east is the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea). The province is home to the Musudan-ri rocket launching site, and the Hoeryong concentration camp. In 2004 Rason was reabsorbed back into the province, and since 2010 Rason is again a Directly Governed City.

Administrative divisions

North Hamgyong is divided into three cities (si) and 12 counties (kun).[2] These are further divided into villages (ri) in rural areas and dong (neighborhoods) in cities. Some cities are also divided into wards known as "kuyŏk", which are administered just below the city level.



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