November 1937

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The following events occurred in November 1937:

November 1, 1937 (Monday)

November 2, 1937 (Tuesday)

November 3, 1937 (Wednesday)

November 4, 1937 (Thursday)

November 5, 1937 (Friday)

  • The Duke of Windsor cancelled a visit to the United States the day before he was to set sail. A statement through the Anglo-American Press Association cited "grave misconceptions" about the purpose of the trip.[8]
  • 30,000 Japanese troops landed virtually unopposed at Hangzhou Bay.[9]
  • Hossbach Memorandum: At a secret meeting in the Chancellory in Berlin, Hitler announced his plan for an expansionist foreign policy to secure Lebensraum by force.[10]
  • Germany and Poland signed a joint declaration on minorities, guaranteeing proper reciprocal treatment and protection of the Polish minority in Germany and the German minority in Poland.[11]
  • Born: Chan Sek Keong, third Chief Justice of Singapore, in Ipoh, Federated Malay States; Harris Yulin actor, in Los Angeles

November 6, 1937 (Saturday)

November 7, 1937 (Sunday)

  • 1 million people paraded in Moscow on the 20th anniversary of the Revolution.[6]

November 8, 1937 (Monday)

November 9, 1937 (Tuesday)

November 10, 1937 (Wednesday)

  • Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas promulgated a new Constitution giving himself dictatorial powers. Vargas cancelled the upcoming presidential elections.[12][14]
  • Germany announced that all men born between 1893 and 1900 would be called up for medical inspection to assess their suitability to be drafted for military service.[15]
  • Born: Zdeněk Zikán, footballer, in Prague, Czechoslovakia (d. 2013)

November 11, 1937 (Thursday)

  • The Battle of Xinkou ended in Japanese victory.
  • The British commissioner in Mandatory Palestine set up special military courts to try suspected terrorists.[14] Anyone carrying unauthorized firearms, bombs or ammunition would be subject to the death penalty.[16]
  • During Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Whitehall Cenotaph, an ex-serviceman who had escaped from a mental asylum interrupted the two minutes of silence by screaming "All this hypocrisy!" and something that sounded like "Preparing for war!" The police chased him down and silenced him, but the incident opened a dialogue in the British press about whether the annual tradition of the silence should continue.[17]
  • Born: Stephen Lewis, politician and diplomat, in Ottawa, Canada
  • Died: Uryū Sotokichi, 80, Japanese admiral

November 12, 1937 (Friday)

November 13, 1937 (Saturday)

November 14, 1937 (Sunday)

November 15, 1937 (Monday)

November 16, 1937 (Tuesday)

November 17, 1937 (Wednesday)

November 18, 1937 (Thursday)

November 19, 1937 (Friday)

November 20, 1937 (Saturday)

November 21, 1937 (Sunday)

November 22, 1937 (Monday)

November 23, 1937 (Tuesday)

November 24, 1937 (Wednesday)

  • The Nine Power Treaty Conference ended with little accomplished.
  • British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain responded to a question in the House of Commons about Lord Halifax's recent trip to Germany by explaining that the visit was "entirely private and unofficial" and so he would not "make any further statement in regard to them at this stage." Chamberlain called speculation in the British press about the nature of the discussions "not only irresponsible but highly inaccurate."[26]
  • In Canada, the first Governor General's Awards were presented by Lord Tweedsmuir.[27]

November 25, 1937 (Thursday)

  • French authorities arrested Eugène Deloncle, the alleged ringleader of the monarchist plot to overthrow the French republic.[28]

November 26, 1937 (Friday)

November 27, 1937 (Saturday)

November 28, 1937 (Sunday)

  • Generalissimo Francisco Franco announced a total naval blockade of Republican ports and warned that any ship attempting to enter the ports would be attacked.[31] He also told the Republican government to surrender by December 12 or face a massive new offensive.[6]
  • A referendum on freemasonry was held in Switzerland. 68.7% of voters rejected a proposed ban on the practice.
  • Born: Elijah Malok Aleng, public servant, general and politician, in Bor, Sudan (d. 2014)

November 29, 1937 (Monday)

November 30, 1937 (Tuesday)


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