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Queen consort of Egypt
Burial pyramid at Saqqara
Spouse Pharaoh Pepi I
Full name
Nubwenet of Egypt
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion

Nubwenet (sometimes written as Nebuunet) was an ancient Egyptian queen consort, a wife of Pharaoh Pepi I of the 6th dynasty.[1]

nbw wn&n&t O31
in hieroglyphs


Her titles were: Great one of the hetes-sceptre (wrt-ḥts), She who sees Horus and Seth (m33t-ḥrw-stš), Great of Praises (wrt-hzwt), King’s Wife, his beloved (hmt-niswt mryt.f), Beloved King’s Wife of Pepi-Mennefer (ḥmt-niswt-nt-ppy-mn-nfr-mryt.f), Companion of Horus (smrt-ḥrw).[2]


Nubwenet is buried in a pyramid which is associated with the pyramid complex of Pepi I Saqqara. Nebwenet's pyramid complex lies at the far Eastern part of Pepi I's pyramid complex. Nebwenet had a small pyramid (the sides were ca 21 m long and the pyramid was ca 21 m high) and a small mortuary complex, which is now mostly destroyed. The pyramid was made from limestone, while the temple was constructed from mudbrick.[3]


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