Nuestra Belleza Latina

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Nuestra Belleza Latina
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Created by Marlon Quintero
Mariano Calasso
Presented by Javier Poza
(2015–Present)[citation needed]
Chiquinquira Delgado
(2014–Present)[citation needed]
Alejandra Espinoza
(2014)[citation needed]
Pedro Moreno[citation needed]
Giselle Blondet
(2007–2013)[citation needed]
Judges Osmel Sousa
(2007–Present)[citation needed]
Jomari Goyso
(2014–Present)[citation needed]
Jaqueline Bracamontes
(2015-present)[citation needed]
Daniel Arenas
(2016–Present)[citation needed]
Lupita Jones
(2008-2014)[citation needed]
Jencarlos Canela
(2014)[citation needed]
Julian Gil
(2008; 2010-2013)[citation needed]
Jorge Aravena (2009)[citation needed]
Carlos Calderón (2007)
[citation needed] Alicia Machado (2007)[citation needed]
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 10
No. of episodes 123 (As of Season 10)
Production location(s) Miami, Florida
Running time 85-180 minutes
Original network Univision
Original release March 27, 2007 (2007-03-27) – Present
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Nuestra Belleza Latina (English: Our Latin Beauty) is a beauty pageant and reality show produced by Univision.[1] 12 young women selected by the judges compete for the title of Nuestra Belleza Latina, as well as winning cash prizes and becoming a personality for Univision.[citation needed] It's hosted by Venezuelan TV host Chiquinquira Delgado and Mexican TV host Javier Poza.[citation needed] The first season premiered on March 27, 2007 and was one of Univision's highest rated shows.[citation needed] The opening theme for casting till the finalist has been performed by past winners Alejandra Espinoza, Melissa Marty, Greydis Gil, Ana Patricia Gonzalez, Nastassja Bolivar Vanessa De Roide,Marisela Demontecristo Aleyda Ortiz and Francisca Lachapel.[citation needed] When the finalists are chosen, the opening theme changes showing each contestant, excluding eliminated contestants.[citation needed] It is distributed by Univision in the United States and Puerto Rico and by Televisa in Mexico.[citation needed]

The current titleholder is Clarissa Molina from the Dominican Republic.[2]

Past titleholders

Year Country Winner
2007  Mexico Alejandra Espinoza
2008  Puerto Rico Melissa Marty
2009  Cuba Greidys Gil
2010  Mexico Ana Patricia Gámez
2011  Nicaragua Nastassja Bolívar
2012  Puerto Rico Vanessa De Roide
2013  El Salvador Marisela Demontecristo
2014  Puerto Rico Aleyda Ortiz
2015  Dominican Republic Francisca Lachapel
2016  Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina


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