Oblasts of the Soviet Union

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The oblasts of the Soviet Union were second-level entities of the Soviet Union, and first-level entities of the republics of the Soviet Union.


Oblast is a Slavic term that exists in the Russian language. Russian was official in all republics.

By location

Baltic region

In the 1950 there were 10 oblasts in the three Baltic republics.

  • 1953-04-28 Law on abolition of Pärnu, Tallin and Tartu oblasts (Estonia) [1]

Moldavian SSR

  • first-level entities were raions (districts)


Oblast Republic Established Dissolved
Riga Oblast Latvian SSR
Pärnu Oblast Estonian SSR 1953-04-28
Tallin Oblast Estonian SSR 1953-04-28
Tartu Oblast Estonian SSR 1953-04-28
Vilnius Oblast Lithuanian SSR
Kaunas Oblast Lithuanian SSR
Central Black Earth Oblast RSFSR 1934-06-13
Chita Oblast RSFSR
Crimean Oblast RSFSR
East Siberian Oblast RSFSR
Grozny Oblast RSFSR
Irkutsk Oblast RSFSR
Kuban-Black Sea Oblast RSFSR
Northern Oblast (1936–37) RSFSR
Ural Oblast RSFSR
Velikiye Luki Oblast RSFSR
Western Oblast RSFSR