Occupy Unmasked

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Occupy Unmasked
Directed by Stephen Bannon
Produced by David Bossie
Screenplay by Stephen Bannon
Starring Andrew Breitbart
Brandon Darby
David Horowitz
Music by David Cebert
Cinematography Kasey Kirby
Edited by Kasey Kirby
Citizens United Productions
Distributed by Magnolia Pictures
Release dates
  • September 21, 2012 (2012-09-21)
Country United States
Language English
Box office $40,952

Occupy Unmasked is a 2012 American documentary film directed by Stephen Bannon and produced by David Bossie, which is critical of the Occupy movement and was produced by Citizens United Productions.

The documentary was released in limited theaters on September 21, 2012, distributed by Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures. Cuban stated "I don't have any politics" and that his company released the documentary solely "because we believe there is an audience for it" before the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.[1]


The film takes a critical look at the Occupy movement. Andrew Breitbart and producer Stephen Bannon contend that the Occupy movement is sinister, violent, and organized with the purpose of destroying the American government. The film also discusses allegations of rape, drug use, and property destruction at the Occupy encampments.[2][3][4]


The Occupy Unmasked premiere was introduced by Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in a tent theater outside of Tampa Bay Times Forum during the 2012 Republican National Convention. 250 people identified as Occupy Wall Street demonstrators attempted to buy tickets but were turned away by the event organizers.[5]


Writing in the left-leaning The Nation, Michael Tracey allows that it would be possible to sensibly criticize some aspects of the Occupy Movement, but nonetheless characterizes Occupy Unmasked as "total fantasy" and "a deranged hodge-podge of bizarre memes, wild dot-connecting and unadulterated fury."[6] Reviews from right-leaning outlets were more positive, with Perry Chiaramonte of Fox News declaring that the "explosive" documentary raises many important questions about the roots and motivations of the Occupy movement, but fails to conclusively link the protests to the Obama administration.[7]


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