Ole Amund Gjersvik

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Ole Amund Gjersvik
Background information
Born (1963-12-10) 10 December 1963 (age 58)
Bergen, Norway
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Musician, composer
Instruments Upright bass
Website www.usf.no/no/program/2014/01/kortreist-jazz-ole-amund-gjersvik-med-band

Ole Amund Gjersvik (born 10 December 1963 in Bergen, Norway) is a Norwegian Jazz musician (upright bass) and composer, central on the Bergen jazz scene and known from a number of record releases.[1]


Gjersvik studied at the Grieg Academy in Bergen, Bergen Conservatory of Music, where he has also taught. As a performing musician, he has led his own trios, quartets and quintets as well as tango orchestra Combo Tango. Gjersvik is very versatile and has played with musicians like Kaizers Orchestra, Ketil Bjørnstad, Ole Thomsen, Kåre Thomsen, Ole Paus, Jan Eggum, Herborg Kråkevik and Sissel Kyrkjebø. He has also been widely used in theater and television connection, and has participated on many albums. Under his own name, he has published A Voice from the Past (1990) and Milonga Triste (1998) among others, and Combo Tango Plays Music by Ole Amund Gjersvik (2002). He has received numerous awards and honors, including Rolf Gammleng Award in 2000. Gjersvik is also a dancer and instructor in the Argentine tango. In 1990 he founded his own label, Acoustic Records.[2]



Solo albums
"A Voice from the Past" (1990)
"Appasionata Criminelle" (1992)
"Alone in the Crowd" (1993)
 "Around the Fountain" (1994)
"Milonga Triste"(1999)
 "Circus (2006) " with Ole Amund Gjersvik Quintet [1]
 "Live In Bergen " (2011)
"Dialoger " (2011), with Tore Thorsen 
"Bass Improvisations" (2011)
"Free Approach" (2011) with Nils Are Drønen and Stein Urheim 
"Tranquility" (2011) with Tore Thorsen 
"Duo Improvisations" (2011) with Marius Neset 
"Bergen (2013)" with  Tore Thorsen 
"Bass Improvisations Volume 2" (2013)
"Latin Collection" (2013)
"Bass Improvisations Volume 3" (2013)
"Conversations With Myself" (2013)
"All Together Now" ('2014)
"Bass Improvisations Volume 4" (2014)
"Bass Improvisations Volume 5" (2015)
"Bass And Voice Improvisations" (2015)
"Over Skyene" (2015) with Jan-Ove Hansen 
"Ballads" (2015)
"Into The Beast" (2016) with Marita Moe Sandven 
"Bass Improvisations Volume 6" (2016)
With other artists
Ivar Medaas and Ove Thue: Bymann Og Stril (1984)
Den Nationale Scene: Knut Gribb Tar Bergenstoget (1986)
Ivar Medaas and Ove Thue: Ansikt Til Ansikt (1987)
Kåre Thomsen and Karl Seglem: Poems for Trio (1988)
Ivar Medaas: Sjeldne Typar (1989)
Ole Paus: Stjerner I Rennesteinen (1989)
Sissel Kyrkjebø: Soria Moria (1989)
Tor Endresen and Rune Larsen: Lollipop (1989)
Tor Endresen and Rune Larsen: Lollipop 2 (1990)
Tor Endresen and Rune Larsen: Lollipop Jukebox (1991)
Secret Mission: Strange Afternoon (1991)
Karl Seglem: Sogn-A-Song (1991)
Mostly Robinson: I Can't Stop Loving You (1992)
Ivar Medaas: Medaas Gull (1992)
Rune Larsen: Røtter (1993, re-release CD 2009)
Ole Paus: Jeg Kaller Det Vakker Musikk: Hjemmevant Utenfor – Ca. 40 Beste (1994)
Ivar Medaas: Langs Fjorden (1994)
Karl Seglem: Rit (1994)
Trygve Thue: Jeg-En Beach Boy  (1994)
Clive Scott: In A Jazzy Mood  (1994)
Herborg Kråkevik: Mi Haugtussa  (1995)
Dag Arnesen: Rusler Rundt Grieg (1996)
Kenneth Sivertsen: Draumespor (1996)
Mostly Robinson: Guess Who Is Here (1997)
Anne Lorentzen: Såre Sinn (1999)
Kenneth Sivertsen: One Day in October (1999)
Jan Kåre Hystad: Design by Sound (1999)
Ivar Medaas: 50 Beste (2001)
Millpond Moon: Nature Of Two (2001)
Kim Fairchild: All of Me – Selected Songs by Billie Holiday (2003)
Robert Vennström: Till Lands (2003)
Rannva & Siggi: Someone Cares (2003)
Andreas Friis Jørgensen: Berøringer (2004)
Cooly Horn: Cooly Horn (2004)
Karl Seglem: New North (2004)
The Owens: It Was Near I Died (2005)
Tron: Ocean (2005)
Tribute to Lasse Myrvold: Dans Til Musikken (2006)
Barna Synger Pophits (2006)
Steve Morgan: Heaven Help Me  (2006)
Gest: I Grevens Tid (2007)
Steve Morgan: Shadow Dancing  (2008)
Vindrosa: Østenfor Sol (2010)
Helge Nyheim: The Ride Back Home (2010)
Britt Synnøve Johansen: Skyt Meg Med Tre Roser (2010)
Barbro Husdal Quartet: Chin Of Gold (2011)
Carsten Dyngeland Trio: Trio Music (2011)
Kåre Kalvenes: Biter Av Tid (2012)
Nøkken: 2012 (2012)
Vindrosa: Bakom Fjellet Det Blå (2013)
Dagdriverne: På Tide Å Dra Hjem (2013)
Hans Marius Andersen Quartet:  Embraceable You (2013)
Einar Helgaas: Om Eg Lever (2013)


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