Olof Celsius

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File:Olof Celsius den äldre SP176.jpg
Olof Celsius (the elder). Engraving.

Olof Celsius (the elder) (July 19, 1670 – June 24, 1756) was a Swedish botanist, philologist and clergyman, He was a professor at Uppsala University, Sweden.[1] Celsius was a mentor of the botanist and scientist Carolus Linnaeus. Celsius wrote his most famous book on biblical plants, Hierobotanicos, in 1745-47.

Olof Celsius's nephew Anders Celsius was an astronomer who invented a temperature scale where 100 represented the freezing point of water and 0 represented the boiling point. Carl Linnaeus in 1744 reversed the scale to create the centigrade scale, renamed in 1948 to the Celsius scale in use today.

Olof Celsius was made a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1739.


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