Olympic diploma

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Olympic Diplomas
Awarded for given to top eight finishers in Olympic Sports
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Presented by International Olympic Committee
First awarded 1948
Official website www.olympic.org

An Olympic diploma is a paper certificate awarded to the top eight finishers in competitions at the Olympic Games.[1] While the top three finishers have received medals since the 1896 Olympics, in 1949 diplomas for athletes placing fourth, fifth, and sixth were established, and in 1981 diplomas for seventh- and eighth-place finishers were added.[2]

The diploma is inscribed and signed by autopen with the signatures of the president of the International Olympic Committee and the head of the organizing committee for each Olympics.[2] The design of the diploma, as with the design of the Olympic medals, must be approved by the IOC.[3]

An athlete who receives a diploma and is subsequently sanctioned for violations of the IOC Code of Ethics, the World Anti-Doping Code, or other charters must return the diploma to the IOC.[4]



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